Steveill the Weevill (synabetic) wrote,
Steveill the Weevill

Random thought

Whenever I hear or read the phrases "grow up" or "act like an adult" I tend to think the following, no matter who's saying it and why:

Grown ups commit war, theft, genocide, destruction, murder, rape, as well as a litany of other very nasty things. When was the last time you heard of a little kid going mad and chopping people's heads off and having sex with the corpses? How many pre-teens have created nerve gas and nuclear weapons? And our Godwin moment: The last time I checked, all the worst Nazis were adults. Oh, I could go on and on and on... But yeah, those common sayings don't really work with me.

"Steve, you are an asshole... you should just grow the fuck up!"
"So you want me to bayonet you to death and euthanise your dog? Crazy!"

See? It makes no sense to me and never has. Even as a kid I would look weird, and I mean weird, by this line of thinking.

Does anyone else feel this way? Or is just me and my mind-gerbils?

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Kids do some pretty nasty things to other people.
True... but its rare, and they're just emulating adults, not the other way around. Then again, it could be argued that they're simply human, and humans-- no matter the age-- can be vile.

My point is that the worst things are done by grown-ups. So why is it when somebody acts like a jerk people tell them to grow up? Seems... childish. HAH!
Oh, I get your point. Your point relies on the premise that children are better than grown-ups, which is ludicrous. They look sweet and angelic, but they aren't. It's not even rare. Children are only limited by the fact that they are smaller and don't have a lifetime of knowledge of how to fuck with people.
Nah, my point relies on the simple fact the vast majority of atrocities are committed by adults and so telling someone to grow up doesn't really solve anything and is an utterly fucking stupid statement. Make sense? Thought it did. :)
Also, going by your point: If children would only grow up they would become more efficient assholes and killers.

A good point, sir.
That's a sda article, by the way. I did notice he's 17... practically an adult. I consider kids to be folks a bit younger, though technically that kid is a kid... People have fought in combat at 17 and younger.
What a godlike post. I agree completely. And I never want to grow up :D
Thanks, man... and indeed! I enjoy being a big kid. I do have my adult moments, though, but I like to think of them as "angsty teen"... heh. I see no awesomeness in being and old bugger.
I have been celebrating being a grown up lately...all because it gives me license to act as much like a little kid as I want.
Totally! What do I want to be when I grew-up? A professional kid! :D
The phrase I hate the most is "wake up!". I mean that in the political sense, not someone rousing me out of slumber so I'm able to get to work on time.

It assumes that they're of superior information and perspective, and that I'm some kind of sleepwalking idiot.

My first response is usually "Wake up to what? Why don't you just shut the fuck up, you arrogant cockshaft!"
I hear that. Also "shut the fuck up, you arrogant cockshaft" = awesome. Saving that for a rainy day.

"Wake up and smell the coffee" is also lame. I do like to make variations, though (eg "wake up and feel the fistfucking"), but almost always sarcastically.

But yeah, "wake up" is laaaaame. Kinda like "sheeple", too.

Wake up, you sheep! Just grow up and understand that you love the taste of jackboots. Also: Hitler.

Fuck, I just pissed -myself- off.

Them brainworms is hungry!
i love you Steve. maybe what you've listed is why i've never felt grown-up.
Yeah, being grown up is for the birds, I tells ya! :)
Charlemagne: Adult

Pol Pot: Adult

Cromwell: Adult

Uwe Boll: Adult

I hate to bust out the Weedwhacker of Ineffable Logic here, but the whole "adult" thing is not a newsletter I want to subscribe to.
Leave James Cromwell alone!! *sniff*

Oh, wait, yes I completely agree.
Steve, you are on the right track. Take it from a 44 year old whom too many people mistake for 34.. ish.

Adults... and it AIN'T pretty, so be proud, and for the love of Peter Pan, (and me) please don't ever feel you have to grow up! Especially since you have children who need to know truth, as opposed to plastic, self centred, closed minded, all self important skewed realities that really have very little to do with truth. ^^
Amen, sista! And we totally have to hang one of these days. :)
We do. Gonna have to arrange this. Seriously!
Nope, I feel the same, just never could put it so eloquently as you have here.

Miss you bro.