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Secret Cross and FTL Goodness

Well, the time has come to put yer monies where your finger-mouths are. FTL #2 is available at for only 99 cents! That's 35 pages of full-color madness to be enjoyed almost instantly after clicking a few buttons. What makes this UK anthology even more special to me is that this marks the first comic book appearance of THE SECRET CROSS, which has the first 6-page part of a 12-page story in FTL #2!!

What's Secret Cross? It's the WWI horror title me, Stephen Lindsay and Dominic Vivona cooked up. Later on Jeff Balke, awesome colorist and outstanding guy, joined our ranks.

So what are you waiting for? Get some!

Here's some copy:

"FTL is Orang Utan Comics' flagship anthology series! Expect the very best quick fire stories in these pages, from some of the most exciting creators working in comics today. This is the comics anthology where anything goes! Vampires! Dragons! Robots! Ninjas! Knights! Vikings! Cheerleaders! You name it, you'll find it in the pages of FTL!

The second stunning installment of FTL brings you a heady mix of post-apocalyptic visions, super heroics, werewolves and creepy ancient myths as we continue in our quest to bring you the best mix of comic book short story goodness available. Hmmm...or should that be "badness"? Anyway, this issue we've also teamed up with the fine people at Nightmaera to bring you the first part of their period horror tale, Secret Cross!"

Oh, and there's a print version of FTL #2 here. It's black and white, but looks great nonetheless!

And the blog HYPERGEEK reviewed FTL #2 in a very nice and detailed manner. Read it here.


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