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Victoria Comic Con...

...was kind of a disaster in many ways. It seemed poorly planned, organized and executed, to be brutally honest. Though, I should note that this doesn't cast a bad light on the vendors and creators who attended-- all fine, enjoyable people! Looks like many of the VIPs, people who spent hundreds of dollars for cool things like a dinner show with celeb guests and such, were incredibly disappointed with how things were handled. Also, I had to buy a program so I could see the schedule-- not that it mattered, as nothing was really planned out. That said: The volunteers I talked to, while selected very last minute I hear, are top folks (with one exception). The attendees were a good bunch. The gamers really helped make the con shine, too, as did the local indie comic book talent. I only had a really good time because of my friends there. It was pretty cool to see persons completely new to cons getting into it a bit.

I'll try to fully sum up my thoughts for a possible blog post somewhere else... somewhere where the site's host is someone who should've went to the con, but his media pass was never sent (though promised). He's, well, not happy, to say the least.

This "comic con" was only two days, and today I spent the entire time running the GURPS Hellboy RPG. The people who played seemed to really enjoy themselves; and they ended the game by immolating the shape-shifting lizard posing as the German mad scientist lady they were at the lost Teutonic castle (in Finland!) to retrieve, subsequently launching her at the getaway zeppelin... which then crashed into the gate-wall, leveling things just a bit more. It was glorious. There are also exploding robot children who obsessed about the human-brained-cat player character, Nazi lizard people, assault-cannon wielding robots who had see-thru heads (and fantastic electro-brains!), and, of course, zombies. Judging from the squels and hoots of glee, I think it all went quite well.

Some loot I looted: Little Ghost (a cool Steve Rolston self-printed comic), Zombie Jesus vs. Robot Hitler and The Crucifier comics, lots of sushi and Mexican food, an olive drab t-shirt with a Super Veritech (from Robotech) on it (see the image they copied to make it below), dice from the now defunct Advancing Hordes (finally got me some GameScience dice and dice-within-dice) and some other things. ETA: Ah! And I forgot to add that I was given three lonely books from the gaming room... I dunno why, exactly-- but I sure as heck gladly took them in! The Yellow Sign and Other Stories: The Complete Weird Tales of Robert M. Chambers (!!!!YES!!!!!), The White People and Other Stories: Vol. 2 of the Best Weird Tales of Arthur Machen (*SWOOOOON*), and The Strange Cases of Rudolph Pearson: Horripilating Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos (Neat!). Score!

(Click to embiggen)

I enjoyed talking to Robert Picardo, too. Super sweet guy!

That's it for now... Oh, and hey, you can read the entire first story of The Secret Cross comic (which I co-created and wrote) for free RIGHT HERE. So, yeah, read it!! It's only 12 pages and it's oh-so-good for you.

I should really try to update this thing more.

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