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Dear Lord...

I was randomly inspired to look up something I knew I'd posted in LJ several years ago, and my account is still here. Furthermore, I noticed that my last entry from... more than 2 years ago... is basically saying what I'm thinking right now: Wow. Livejournal.

So, instead of just saying "OMFG-- LJ! U stil hereya?", I would rather ask how y'all are doing, who's using LJ still, and why?

No judgement. No mockery. Just curious. Besides, I miss LJ from time to time... it was a big part of my life for years and years, and was the primary conduit for Internet Stuff for at least 6 years. I'd say I used LJ frequently from 2001 to the very end of 2009, when Sharon (wife) and I split up. That was just over 4 years ago now.

My, how time flies.

Hellboy skull

Victoria Comic Con...

...was kind of a disaster in many ways. It seemed poorly planned, organized and executed, to be brutally honest. Though, I should note that this doesn't cast a bad light on the vendors and creators who attended-- all fine, enjoyable people! Looks like many of the VIPs, people who spent hundreds of dollars for cool things like a dinner show with celeb guests and such, were incredibly disappointed with how things were handled. Also, I had to buy a program so I could see the schedule-- not that it mattered, as nothing was really planned out. That said: The volunteers I talked to, while selected very last minute I hear, are top folks (with one exception). The attendees were a good bunch. The gamers really helped make the con shine, too, as did the local indie comic book talent. I only had a really good time because of my friends there. It was pretty cool to see persons completely new to cons getting into it a bit.

I'll try to fully sum up my thoughts for a possible blog post somewhere else... somewhere where the site's host is someone who should've went to the con, but his media pass was never sent (though promised). He's, well, not happy, to say the least.

This "comic con" was only two days, and today I spent the entire time running the GURPS Hellboy RPG. The people who played seemed to really enjoy themselves; and they ended the game by immolating the shape-shifting lizard posing as the German mad scientist lady they were at the lost Teutonic castle (in Finland!) to retrieve, subsequently launching her at the getaway zeppelin... which then crashed into the gate-wall, leveling things just a bit more. It was glorious. There are also exploding robot children who obsessed about the human-brained-cat player character, Nazi lizard people, assault-cannon wielding robots who had see-thru heads (and fantastic electro-brains!), and, of course, zombies. Judging from the squels and hoots of glee, I think it all went quite well.

Some loot I looted: Little Ghost (a cool Steve Rolston self-printed comic), Zombie Jesus vs. Robot Hitler and The Crucifier comics, lots of sushi and Mexican food, an olive drab t-shirt with a Super Veritech (from Robotech) on it (see the image they copied to make it below), dice from the now defunct Advancing Hordes (finally got me some GameScience dice and dice-within-dice) and some other things. ETA: Ah! And I forgot to add that I was given three lonely books from the gaming room... I dunno why, exactly-- but I sure as heck gladly took them in! The Yellow Sign and Other Stories: The Complete Weird Tales of Robert M. Chambers (!!!!YES!!!!!), The White People and Other Stories: Vol. 2 of the Best Weird Tales of Arthur Machen (*SWOOOOON*), and The Strange Cases of Rudolph Pearson: Horripilating Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos (Neat!). Score!

(Click to embiggen)

I enjoyed talking to Robert Picardo, too. Super sweet guy!

That's it for now... Oh, and hey, you can read the entire first story of The Secret Cross comic (which I co-created and wrote) for free RIGHT HERE. So, yeah, read it!! It's only 12 pages and it's oh-so-good for you.

I should really try to update this thing more.

Boo! Secret Cross

Happy Halloween!

It's been too damned long since I've updated, eh?

I'll do a less promotional entry soon... but since I'm out the door in a few minutes to Victoria Comic Con, I wanted to make sure you got your Halloween Treat!

CLICK ON THIS and you'll be able to read all 12 pages of the first Secret Cross story free! Or you can just click on the following image:

"What is The Secret Cross, Steve?"

Put simply: It's a Weird War One comic which stars special German units who fight unnatural, sanity-blasting, flesh-rending horrors.

Let me know what ya think! Enjoy. :)

(Did I mention I've been selected to co-run a ten week long creative workshop? And they'll even pay me-- suckers! :P But, yeah, YAY!)

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Moar Dork Dungeons...

Hey, it's been a little while since I posted here. I suppose I could talk about PAX, how awesome my friends are (especially Matt and Nicole; and Daniel for being a trooper), but I really don't have much time. Instead, I will show you these "Dork Dungeons" strips I threw together using (naturally) Chick Tracts. I call this one "Rise!" for some reason. Enjoy!

And don't worry, I'll talk aboot PAX soon!

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I guess this gives you a little insight into how my mind works. Well, I suppose "works" is not the apt term, but I guess it will do. I don't even know if this strip makes sense to anyone other than me. It may just read like a slap-dash collection of obscure jokes and weird humor. Regardless, I had a good laugh making it. I do plan on putting these up on the Orcusville site at some point.

"And that's what counts, kids", as our boy Jesus would say.

(Comic assembled from the remains of BACK FROM THE DEAD.)

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Today is P-Day

Okay, so I'm heading to Seattle later today for a lovely weekend full of friends and PAX. It's a been a crazy last couple of days, and I can't see it getting any less crazier.

Due to me being a fool, I ended up thinking I could buy a 3-day PAX pass at the door Friday. This was not to be, as all passes are sold out and the convention will not be open to anyone who isn't pre-registered. Yeah, it's pretty fucked when you think about it, especially if you're in the videogame industry and were denied the proper amount of passes needed to man your booth; or expected to get one through your company, didn't, and now can't go due to it being sold out.

But that's another story for another time for other people to tell.

Anyhow, I didn't get a pass. And I wouldn't have a pass if someone local wasn't going and I wasn't hooked up with him... crap, I just lost what I was saying. Basically, my bacon was saved thanks to a couple awesome local buddies who rule. So I'm going to PAX.

Idiot flesh redeemed most miraculously.

Jesus, I'm tired.

For those of you looking to meet up tonight, I'll be at the Elephant and Castle downtown at around 10pm, as the Clipper gets in at 9.45. It's supposed to, anyway. We'll see. After E&C, who knows. Maybe there will be cakes and seals involved!
NOTE: The seating has been reserved under "Steve". Extra points if you say something like "I WISH TO BE PLACED IN STEVELAND, PLEASE" when you arrive.

If you want to hook up over the weekend, you best drop me a line before I leave-- though I'll be checking my email throughout the weekend, I'm sure: synabetic (at) gmail (dot) com

I won't have a phone with me... Yeah, I planned on going through the fun of getting a phone specifically for the US, but I got busy, forgot, etc. Hell, I thought I had a 3-day pass for a couple months, for fuck's sake.

Sometimes I write posts in this manner to piss off a couple or so people who hate this format. I blame Evil.

I wonder if I can work in a quick game of HackMaster Basic over the weekend. I better bring the book and dice, just to be sure. It's also quite heartbreaking to explain to the boys that I'll be gone all weekend. Vance insists on coming along-- quite possibly by trying to pass himself as a robot horse, while Drake is determined to bring Seattle here with a special aircraft of some sort. Robots may have been involved with that, too. One day, my children will rule your universe. You just watch and see.

It's always weird how things seem to work out for me and the people I choose to associate myself with. I'd say I was lucky or blessed, but I don't believe in that hokum. I do believe in wonderful people, which is a blessing in itself.

Everyone's gone this morning...

So I decided to make some quick "Dork Dungeons" comics to start my day. Now I have some time to show them to you. Yeah, I got up pretty freaking early.

Collapse )

See my previous entries for the strips I slapped together yesterday. I'm glad that a few of you are amused. :)

Maybe next time I'll throw in Call of Cthulhu...

Direct Links:
Strip 1: D&D Leads to Ruin
Strip 2: "Yes, Matt: Baby Hearts"
Dork Dungeons 1
Dork Dungeons 1.5
Dork Dungeons 2: For Sigmar!

Steve TPK

Dork Dungeons

Being one with a little time on his hands a few minutes ago, I thought I would revisit Dark Dungeons with my own "Dork Dungeons" spin. I do retain the same names as the classic Chick Tract, however.

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Alright, well, I find them amusing. Your mileage maaaay vary...

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