January 8th, 2014

Judge Dredd

Dear Lord...

I was randomly inspired to look up something I knew I'd posted in LJ several years ago, and my account is still here. Furthermore, I noticed that my last entry from... more than 2 years ago... is basically saying what I'm thinking right now: Wow. Livejournal.

So, instead of just saying "OMFG-- LJ! U stil hereya?", I would rather ask how y'all are doing, who's using LJ still, and why?

No judgement. No mockery. Just curious. Besides, I miss LJ from time to time... it was a big part of my life for years and years, and was the primary conduit for Internet Stuff for at least 6 years. I'd say I used LJ frequently from 2001 to the very end of 2009, when Sharon (wife) and I split up. That was just over 4 years ago now.

My, how time flies.