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Mellifluous, indeed

At some point last night, the latest installment of ALL THE RAGE escaped into the wilds of the Super-Tubes. What will it do? Will it hide? NO! It'll find more tubes to liberate. It may be vigilant, but it will not be pure. Nor will it behave. Freedom for the tubes!

Erm, sorry, kinda got carried away there.

What's in this edition? Just the usual odds, ends, and awesome things I collect over the week.

+ Something about Runaways. And what's Garth Ennis have to do with my piece on that?

+ Something about Dark Horse throwing it's horseshoes into the ring of "Pissing off Women". I'm waiting for a woman I know to state "But I love Gor!"
Okay. Maybe not, then.

+ Comics on your phone? Hell yes! And not only that, but a sure to be magnificent comic called Thunder Road will debut on this mobile phone service. Thunder Road is an alternate time-line post apocalyptic comic that looks truly mellifluous DAKKA.

+ Free comics and books? Markosia is putting some of their titles up for free download? Free comics AND books??? "TELL ME HOW, STEVE!!!", you say? Read the bit and find out.

+ LAYYYYYYMAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

+ A mini-interview with John Aegard, the fellow behind the genius comic Greeter. Dune set in a Wal-Mart. Yeah, I thought that would get your attention. Oh, and issues #0-#2 are available to read for FREE.

+ For you fellow fans of lupine influenced lycanthropy, check out the preview (with some exclusive images) of Willow Creek.

+ Many parting shots, including Thor and Beta Ray Bill performing Slayer's Raining Blood and a link to John Kovalic (Dork Tower) demonstrating his great taste in food.

There is also a blatant reference to Bi-God 20. Not only that, there's a nod to Depeche Mode.
Hey, I don't forget my roots.
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