Steveill the Weevill (synabetic) wrote,
Steveill the Weevill

I'll See You On The Beach

First off, I forgot to link to Sunday's ALL THE RAGE. So there you go.

I'm about to go catch my flight to San Diego, and thus Comic Con. Wish me luck, yo. Mainly for the flight. I really hate flying on commercial aircraft. I think I'll be okay, though. 

As for the Con, I'll update here and do some ATR updates (of course). Hope to see some of you down there! And for the rest of you, well, have a great week/weekend.

I'll be missing most lj entries between now and Monday/Tuesday. So, like, if anything important happens in LJ land... like let me know, mmmkay?

What am I missing????

Hehehehe... Alright, time to finish packing and all that noise.

Clear the ramp. Grud be with ya.
Tags: atr, comics, sdcc

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