Steveill the Weevill (synabetic) wrote,
Steveill the Weevill

Perhaps I should update...

San Diego was a blast. Everything that could break on me did. Including the airplane. News of my Con adventures can be found at SBC.

been dealing with moving all week. I'm feeling quite crispy. I'll be doing a big final thing on SDCC and other stuff soon. The house is completely AWESOME and, like, way too big.

I found out something out at SDCC I can't talk about at all, but it's probably the best comics related news -evar- for this particular fanboy. You lot out there in Internetland can take a guess, including all you fellow journo scum.

Everything is really jumbled at the moment as I hang on by a thread. I've met lots and lots of nice people over the last week. Except for two of the three flight attendants on the return flight (Alaska, if you're wondering). The c-word comes to mind, and I don't mean "cute". Of course, I could have been in a bad mood. I guess I don't like being fucked with and hearing them tell everyone that I'm a nervous flier. Why am I nervous? Because I fucking hate commercial aircraft. The seaplane doesn't bother me. Anyhow, nice of them to prove my point.

In Alaska's defense, sort of anyway, the flight there was a nightmare only helped by their very kind staff. And free drinks. I like free drinks. We spent a few hours on the runway and I missed SDCC on Thursday. That sucked. The flight was pretty rough, too. But hey, free drinks.

I really should be working on ATR, but I need a break from going through everything. I seemed to have managed to've turned a clusterfuck into something pretty cool. Least, I think so.

I'm really looking forward to Bristol. I'm also really looking forward to finally moving into (not just stuff) the new home... but being up here at Sharon's folks' has been rather nice. Lots of time with me kidlings. Also, the sun doesn't burn as hot as it does in San Diego. Man, it's hot down there. But very nice. And full of fun.

I'm sure I'll write more later and stuff. Sharon's new job kicks ass, in case anyone is wondering. In my time away from her, she went insane and started an LJ account. sisaunders if you're curious. Add her if you like, but don't be offended if she doesn't add you back because 1) she's very, very busy and/or 2) she may not know you / recognise you.

Saw the last Burn Notice. Still fun, but it needs to pull out of that nose-dive into 80's cheesiness it's doing. An' quick-like.

Now: Oysters.

Tags: atr, family, food, moving, sdcc, tv

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