Steveill the Weevill (synabetic) wrote,
Steveill the Weevill


Thanks to an all time fave person I don't personally know, ps238principal (aka Aaron Williams), I discovered The FAIL Blog. If you haven't already, perhaps you should discover it too.

And for you out there like me who luvs da LJ feeds:thefailblog

Here's a timeless fidus Achates...

This Fail wins, my friends. It -so- wins.

Update of FayuLulz! It would seem that there is another, slightly older Blog of teh Failz! Shipment of Fail. And they even called Fail Blog out. Is there a FAIL WARZ brewing? Can we handle all this Fail?!

Hold me.

Or just add shipmentoffail to your f-list, dammit.

Another Update! Another FAIL BLOG. And THIS one was the first... right? Am I right? This time... maybe?

What the hell, here's a feed: Nevermind... now I / we can't create feeds? Huh.
Tags: fail, fail blog, links, win, win at fail

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