Steveill the Weevill (synabetic) wrote,
Steveill the Weevill

Bringin' on the Shtuff

It sure does feel good to be getting something done. What's getting done? Perhaps I will drop that little bomb soon or something. But! I can give the following hints:

1) It has nothing to do with Orcs, despite the name.
2) Yes, a gnome is involved.
3) Drake and Vance will also be working on it at various points, and Drake has already contributed spec material.
4) It's pretty awesome to know that there are people who gleefully share a brain. Or share brains. With bacon. Take your pick, really.

I've also started on second season of Arrested Development. Now I get those icons I was seeing like a couple years back! The ones that say "Everybody dance NOW" and "I am a monster!!". It's like having a time machine, I tells ya. I also am looking forward to seeing the new ep of Carpoolers. Huzzam!

And now for some links, you bastards.

The 6 Cutest Animals That Can Still Destroy You.
Of course the Hippo is on there. I get chills whenever I read the Belly Button Book to my kids...

Northern European Geography 101 for 'Mericans.
Because you just know it is true.

Mythbusting Canadian Heathcare PART ONE and PART ZWEI.
Look, we all know that people who think the healthcare system here in Canadia is broken are retarded-- right? But the wonderful author of these two articles basically takes a giant shit into the mealy, gaping mouths of all those assholes who like to preach America Uber Alles bullshit. I almost cried from the awesometude.

CNN shipoopcans one of my fave bloggers for... blogging.
But this is probably the best thing that could happen to Chez. In fact, he gets quite a bit of exposure over this. Thank you, CNN. However CNN, you are still a bunch of fuck-pickles.

Chris Sims over at his Invnicible Super-Blog nearly kills me.
He's quite a funny guy (as you may or may not know: his funny can KILL), and as you can see from the following image, you will probably be compelled to read the specific Valentine's entry this is from:

Well, those of you who get it, anyway.

And I know what some of you are thinking-- "I sure wish that Sims guy had succeeded in killing you, Steve. Jerk." Ahhh, but I would have died laughing; and you just couldn't have that now, could you? I think you're hoping for a serious weedwhacker incident where I am first maimed and then tragically bleed to death because no one can hear my screams over the Slayer I have playing.

My thanks to those who listed some of those links in their respective blogs and sites. Stay keen!
Tags: comics, keen, links, secrets, stuff, tv

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