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I had a nice hate-fueled post going on as a result of what I read here. But I decided to scrap it and write more of a summary of my irritation...

A link offered took me to a recent blog that initially pissed me right off. I mean, I always despise those Lazy-Large guys who say we Americans should get "tougher" and be more like our "ancestors". Yeah. Because Americans who lived in the 19th Century jumped right into gunfire to be slaughtered. No, they scattered. Not like sheep, of course. You ever seen sheep scatter? It's a slow and retarded process for the most part. If you shot up a bar it would be like sheep scattering. People usually scatter not unlike gazelles running from daemonic mecha-cheetahs. We know this to be true. And then in the original post I was going to rant about how most people with real-life combat XP would tell you to take cover and evade gunfire. Then I would have went on to chastise that mealy-mouthed attention-starved blogger about how Ninjas and Superspies is just a role-playing game. It's not real. "Call up Kevin Siembieda if you have to," I would have said. I would have then moved on to how I dislike it when supposed "right-wingers" tell us we need to be tougher... which would have segued into a joke about how all the tough North Americans live in Canada (which is mostly true-- polar bears and igloos ftw). Then I would have said that the only time you should (try to) take out a gunman without any hesitation (if you are an untrained civilian) is when they are literally gunning for you. If it's a random shooting and the dude is just taking shots at people, I will promise you if you're the one pointing a weapon in their direction they will kill you dead. Then your family and friends will weep on TV. Not like you'd care (part of the whole being dead thing). I think finally I worked in a dig on Ronald Reagan and how he would have fled in a  panic, too. Just like most non-seasoned-veteran people. There's a reason why sergeants have to work really hard to keep fresh ground-pounders in line during combat. Why troops must be trained hard. Simply being armed means nothing. Nothing. It just makes you more of a target for some asshole off his meds. Not only that, but should you participate in a gun-battle in a crowded area, I can almost guarantee you will be helping to at the very least double the body count.

But yeah, blaming liberals for making 'Merica soft? Jesus. Such bullshit. Blaming anyone for that is bullshit. In many ways we are a hardier people (hardier with technology and science). We're "soft" because of this fine standard of living we have. Just look at that blogger dude's picture if you need an excellent example. He lives well.

And he would run like a supposed "liberal bitch" if someone shot at him.

Anyway, I ditched the hate-fueled rant in favour of this nicer one. Between Jack Thompson massacre-chasing for press against videogames to Neo-Con Wanna-be Tough-Guy Armchair-Moralist bloggers, I am filled to the brim with contempt. So I played with my wonderful children some and realised that these guys (should) mean nothing to me. Nothing.

Okay, enough of that.

In other news...

- Bob Bledsaw is dying. I knew of this news a little while ago, but it saddens me deeply. Judges Guild and the Wilderlands are amongst some of the most awesome things to hit gaming ever.

- I neglected to mention that I was additionally saddened by the deaths of Steve Gerber and Roy Scheider. Two great people gone.

- Does Webster know his dad lost the presidency of Cyprus?????

- My friend lothos is a very talented comics writer. Check out his entry here for links to some comics he's done. And you can have them for the low, low price of FREE. Seriously. Do it. Everything from horror to sci-fi to even frickin' romance.

- Huh, I guess Kosovo is jealous of Albania holding the title "Europe's Poorest Nation". You can do it, Kosovo!

- The title of this article made me have a long and cynical chuckle. A disturbing side-- really? You mean aside from shooting people? What could be more disturbing that that? Was he, like, a Paris Hilton fan or something?

- The hints as to what I'm doing keep on coming. Here's a link to something that has, well, something to do with it. Sort of. Read about The Tomb of Orcus, why don't you?

This took forever to do. Whew. Off and on, off and on. Right. Back to moving! :)
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