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Here, allow me to squeeze out an entry.

First up, I found this comic thanks to manos99:

(clicketh to maketh on ze biggening)

Yes. I laughed. So should you. Read more of these fine strips here. There's even an lj feed: smbc_comic

Next up, I followed a link to this interesting bit. Now, he has to be a kidding, right? The Wizard of Id is known to be a sharply satirical strip that mocks a lot of things and has many a' play-on-words. Just for the sake of fun (and that the gist is serious), do you think Jeff Parker is being a dick? Before you answer, take a look at this other strip with him "being a dick" to writers AND torture victims:

(do I have to tell you again about clicking it to make it bigger?)

Yes. I laughed. But then again, Wizard of Id is one of my all-time fave strips. I've loved it since I was a little kid. You know, since I got the jokes. Anyhow, I view that little bit on Parker being a dick to be satire in itself. It is... isn't it?

(ETA: Wizard of Id lj feed: wizard_id_rss)

Moving right along, I'm sure many of you have heard about DEADPOOL being played by RYAN REYNOLDS in the upcoming Wolverine: Origins film. My expert observation, based on my finely honed knowledge of nearly all things, is as follows: "Fuck yeah!". As for Gambit in the movie, I feel that his character concept is fine, but he was always pretty shitty in the comics (at least when I saw him). So I have no problem with Gambit showing up. Even better if Deadpool guts him while cracking a joke. What? Speaking of Reynolds, I have The Nines on deck for watching when the kids nap later.

Greg Rucka, Eric Trautmann, and Joe Bennet will be leaving the only DCU title I read, Checkmate, as of #25. This makes me sad. Here's what Mr. Rucka had to say on it. Personally, I was hoping Trautmann would be staying on, as he's a pretty damn good writer. But I guess the lucky comic book stars weren't aligned on that one. I don't know anything about Bruce Jones. Let's read about him, yes? Hm. Still don't know much. Guess we'll have to wait and see. As for the three gentlemen creators mentioned earlier, I'm looking forward to seeing what they work on next. All three are great talents.

I watched the new Knight Rider back-door pilot yesterday. Well, it's better than the Flash Gordon show*. Drake really liked it a lot. There were parts I liked, but that might be because Drake loved them. So, Knight Rider people, it looks like your demographic might be autistic 3-year-olds. Poor acting, piss-poor script, and wonky arbitrary "Science!" made for a bland-to-bad experience. As I said, I still enjoyed some parts, kind of. I liked how KITT managed to stop an SUV traveling in excess of 90 MPH without budging an inch. Physics FTL! (Thanks, Ryan)

Yeah, it wasn't very good. I did think the very end was okay, though. I felt 8 again.

Okay, back to being 12... +30.

(*Please keep in mind that being eaten alive by rabid chinchillas only to escape to fall into a vat of paint-stripper, climb out and plunge into the waiting, whirling blades of a large lawn mower is better than watching Flash Gordon.)
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