Steveill the Weevill (synabetic) wrote,
Steveill the Weevill

Loch night fare...

Read the following headline very carefully:

Reptile remains found in oilsands resemble Loch Ness monster

Go ahead and read the article too, if ye want. Go on, I'll wait.


Okay, but I'm really just pointing out the headline. It made me go "WHU?" I mean, like, for serious. That has to be one of the funniest headlines ever. I got it from here. As the reader who wrote in pointed out: "Isn't that like saying James Randi looks like Santa Claus?"

James Randi is 79 and still going strong. It will be a sad day for the world when he dies...

Recently it has come to my attention that I am in need of more physical activity. I guess doing webcomics and other odd little projects doesn't do wonders for the personal health dept. It's not like I'm looking TOO bad, but I have put on some more weight lately. For instance, the other day at The Twins'(tm) birthday party at least 6 people referred to me as a "big man" and one older gentleman, who is no slouch himself (he really was a powerful-looking fellow) called me a "big dude" at least a dozen times, was surprised that a "big dude" like myself doesn't play hockey because I would kill 'em on the ice, thought I played linebacker or a lineman position in high school football (I played safety, fyi), and didn't even flinch when I mentioned I had been a bouncer for a few years. he was great to talk to, but it reminded me that I'm looking, uh, more filled out than I was a few years back. See, when I was a bouncer, quite a few people tried testing me because I wasn't "big enough" (Oh, those were fun times! hehe... Hey, I'm still just as mean. ;) ). So I decided to say goodbye to my growing Gut of Doom and started working out.

Or "Werkin' Oot", as they call it here.

Earlier I ran on the treadmill for a couple of miles. The first 30 minutes or so was spent jogging slowly while playing Return to Castle Wolfenstein (an FPS classic). Jogging and playing a console videogame is really weird. It's kind of disorienting at first, and sneaking around caused me to slow way down or stop so that I nearly was zipped off of the treadmill. I got the hang of it quick, though. After kicking some Nazi ass, I decided to make a run of it while watching some TV. Did you know that regular TV looks like shit on n HDTV? The more you know. Running to Married with Children seemed to make sense at the time. Tripping the Rift is still mostly unfunny, but it does have its moments.

Kinda like this Nothingface album I'm listening to. It's either really fucking good, or just plain offal. Sometimes in the same song! This song is excellent, however. So is Here Come the Butchers.

After the jog, I was VERY disoriented. You know, I don't think I've ever ran on a treadmill for more than 3 minutes before. I've always thought treadmills were for wussies (sorry). For about five minutes I felt like I was still moving and was mildly dizzy. Oof; so strange.  I pushed myself hard-- running the last mile at a stupid fast clip. And I mean stupid. I'll pay for it later (already am).

Feels good. Is good. All that noise.

Now for some mad creation and tea. Mmmm... tea.

ETA: Shoot. By "mad creation" I must've meant "play Dwarf Fortress". This game is so damned awesome! And don't worry, I have my tea.
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