Steveill the Weevill (synabetic) wrote,
Steveill the Weevill

Welcome to my FAILytale!

Okay, nothing is really FAIL about this post. But the arbitrary "intermission" I slipped into Lord Orcus' Happiness arc may be considered a FAIL by the Dread Lord himself.

Oh well, I'm still delirious from the rigors of last night. Later today I will revisit the pain. Huzzah...?

So, here's the snip that leads to Thee Intermission FAIL strip:

(Click the above image for the rest!)

One of the best comic strips and physical comics around, like, ANYWHERE is Dork Tower, and today's installment is absolutely no exception to the extraordinary rule Mr. Kovalic has set:

(Click on this image for the rest of the hilarity!)

And thanks to parkcooper yet again, I found a cool webstrip/blog straight out of the other Victoria-land in Australia. Park showed me the Metal Butterfly strip and I about died... then I found probably the coolest Prank Wallpaper for an LCD Monitor I've ever seen.

Please keep Orcusville close to the cockles of your eternal souls and add orcusville_feed to your LJ friendslist (or add the feed to your fave feedreader!).

Drake's speech / behaviour session went well. An observer came along to see how play-style interaction can yield terrific results. Of course I took pride in telling the nice observer that Drake was already a character design artist. ;)
Vance had fun too. He always does!

Now back to my regularly scheduled entertaining madness.
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