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Suunnnday not Monday Sunnnndaaaay

Hey folks!

If you're looking for a great podcasty way to kill a little time, I heartily recommend-- with 6 beating hearts!-- this interview on Fiction Clemens with mai homeboy Josh Wagner (aka thelucyfurr) by the super-awesome guys at Ape Entertainment. Give it a listen. Just remember, if you don't listen to it and Joss Whedon sexually assaults you with sea lice, it is NOT my fault, okay? You brought that on yourself.

Want a list of some neat free online games compiled for your convenience, with links and everything? Here you go. You're welcome.

etherpunk is my Rad Person of the Day. He gave me a head's up on the incredibly fortunate news that Flash Gordon is canceled!!! Now, I don't know if this proves or disproves the existence of god/s-- but at least we know that if there IS a god/s, then they aren't TOO cruel. Also, another season of Eureka? Heck yes, plz.

Now you're here at this point in my post. What's next? A link to the new Orcusville, of course! The Saga of Happiness concludes.
Remember: If you add orcusville_feed to your friends list, an angel gets to watch Wings.
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