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Your Stuff for the day, knaves!

Yay! Stuff.

- First, to get it out of the way, Orcusville pimpery:
From yesterday we have the Orcusville Word of the Day: HIRCISMUS. What? Poking fun at Uwe Boll and The Convention Stench is too easy.
Then we have today strip, And There Was Much Rejoicing. Cyberpunk 2020 rpg fans take note!
You can always add orcusville_feed if you wish.

- Enough with the self-promotion!

- Here's a video to make up for it:

Yes, I like tea. And so should you.

- Thanks to, I came across Soviet sci-fi illustrations by Alexander Kazantsev ("one of the first Soviet science fiction writers") at Dark Roasted Blend. See for yourself, comrades.

- This has been making the rounds, and rightly so:

Nazis coming back to kick our ass (or try to, anyway) in 2018 after fleeing to the moon from Antarctica in 1945???
Verdammt. Gewinn.

Go check out Iron Sky on ye olde intardnets. NOW. MACHT SCHNELL!! LOS LOS LOS!!

ETA: Come now, everyone sing: Space Nazis in the Iron Sky! (to the tune of Stromkern's Night Riders)
Speaking of music, I love what's used in the trailer.

- Wednesday means comics here today. Comics of note I picked up: Conan #50, Hercules #1, Caliber #1, The Nearly Infamous Zango #2 and The Savage Sword of Conan Volume 1 (finally!). Big wins all around. Radical Comics is offering their #1s (like Hercules and the Arthurian western Caliber) for one freaking dollar. That's right-- $1. Zango is always welcome in my home. Thanks, Rob Osborne, for being so villainously awesome. I'll be reading Savage Sword of Conan on my Clipper trip to Seattle Friday. Sword & sorcery on the high seas!

- Friday, Six Arms, 9pm. Be there. I'll make a special reminder post, don't worry.

- Oh, yeah... Sharon picked me up the most neat-o hoodie. It doesn't have anything on it, but it's... well, it's boss. It's this in black. It's like... wow. I'm wearing it right now and I don't wanna take it off. Even the hood is made of Winnonium.

- LAWL Ricket. *giggle* I mean -rocket-... Ha! But "ricket" works too.

That's it for now. Hope your day is rockin' like Dokken, y'all!

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