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Moar Dork Dungeons...

Hey, it's been a little while since I posted here. I suppose I could talk about PAX, how awesome my friends are (especially Matt and Nicole; and Daniel for being a trooper), but I really don't have much time. Instead, I will show you these "Dork Dungeons" strips I threw together using (naturally) Chick Tracts. I call this one "Rise!" for some reason. Enjoy!

And don't worry, I'll talk aboot PAX soon!

Dig for more under ze cutCollapse )

I guess this gives you a little insight into how my mind works. Well, I suppose "works" is not the apt term, but I guess it will do. I don't even know if this strip makes sense to anyone other than me. It may just read like a slap-dash collection of obscure jokes and weird humor. Regardless, I had a good laugh making it. I do plan on putting these up on the Orcusville site at some point.

"And that's what counts, kids", as our boy Jesus would say.

(Comic assembled from the remains of BACK FROM THE DEAD.)


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