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Judge Dredd

Like I need an excuse...

...To get a new videogame.

This time it shall be Overlord.
Mmmm... Evil.
Yeah, I'm cool with silly Evil.

The whole idea reminds me of Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2... A couple of my favourite games ever.

I'm still playing Knights of Honor on and off. Good times, there. I suppose I can just run that on my laptop and play it while I play Overlord on this here desk-bound system. I wonder if I could should do that.


In other news, the message board I co-started, The Vorpal Gnome, is dead. Ryan and I decided that it's just become a spam magnet and we'd rather focus on MediaGauntlet (plus, there are forums there). I'd like to thank those who participated and the one or two of you who were wondering where it had gone.

I do plan to use that name in the future for something. Maybe a column full of geekery or blog or something.

Still waiting for All The Rage to go up. Waiting... waiting... Hopefully it will go up soon.

If you are interested in helping promote a really great comic that Tony Lee and Dan Boultwood have coming out called Hope Falls, read this statement by Tony. As you can see from my comment there, I think it's damn good. A score of 4/5, at least. For those who help, there's a free PDF of an early version in it for you of Hope Falls #1.

I ordered the book The Culled: Afterblight Chronicles by awesome writer-droid Simon Spurrier.
The plan is it review it for MediaGauntlet. Don't forget that book reviews are always welcome at MG.

For some reason, I can't keep one idea in my mind to focus on for something I'm supposed to be doing. Pah. I hate that. Need to pick ONE (okay, maybe TWO). Focus, focus, focus...

There's more stuff in the works. Wouldn't be me if there wasn't. More on that later.

I really dig this new icon... muhahaha.
Judge Dredd

Mrs. Edwards vs. Ann Coulter-- FIGHT!

The bloodsport is here, kids!

Thanks to etherpunk for the link. And as I commented in his lj, "Getting political takes and opinions from Ann Coulter is like reading All The Rage to determine the proper course of action regarding the economy of the Ukraine".

Why? Because it's so true it's scary.

I have to say that I was hoping for more of an ass-whoopin'. Someone needs to take on Coulter that will be angry and cutting. Heck, I'll do it.

(I just remembered that Mrs. Edwards has cancer... Taking that into consideration, she kicked some ass)

To make me feel better, I drooled over this item that is being released around my birthday:

That's right. The Captain America Omnibus covering Ed Brubaker's first 25 issues of the current volume of Captain America. Plus Winter Soldier: Winter Kills and the 65th Anniversary Special. And all sorts of extras!


Read more about it here.
Judge Dredd

Back for the Attack

The new ALL THE RAGE is up, kids.

And, uhm, for some reason I am unable to hyperlink. Sure, I could use html.

But I'm lazy.

Here's an old fashioned You-Arr-Ell for you: http://www.silverbulletcomicbooks.com/rage/

(UPDATE: Now it's linked. YAY!)

Notice something new? That's right. No Rumor Barrier. Huzzam!

That does NOT mean there won't be rumours. In fact, rumour runs rampant throughout the column this week. Crazy stuff. CRAZY. CRAAA--

Okay, you get it. I know.

Many of you will enjoy the webcomic I cover, called The Nearly Infamous Zango (which is a hilarious comic about a supervillain who's a "malcontent couch potato"). It's pretty damn cool. And it's creator Rob makes for one heckuva mini-interview. There's also an exclusive preview of Spider-Man Fairy Tales #2 (where Spidey is Anansi).

All sorts of stuff. Go get some.

Next week's installment is already shaping up to be full of goodies.
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Judge Dredd

Off to Zee Presses!

The new All The Rage is off into the intartubes. It should be up tomorrow sometime. Huzzah!

And was should you expect? Rumours abound... Deadpool, Ghost  Rider, Green Lantern, Ultimates... They all involve that stuffity stuff. You'll see.

There's some other cool items I think folks will dig, like an exclusive art preview of Spider-Man Fairy Tales #2, coming out on the 27th. That's Wednesday, yo. SM:FT #1 was excellent and each comic is a new take on Spider-Man... The next issue deals with Spidey being Anansi.

Plus some other cool stuff I hope you like.

Now for something I whipped up last week and forgot to post.

Sexy, ja?
John Constantine

Update, update, you're the victim. Again.

Last night we got back from spending the week at Sharon's folks. I'll break down what has occurred over the time since I posted last.

Starting and ending with "last". Nice.

Okay, so I had the dental appointment. All went well. Deep cleaning and 2 fillings. Only hitch was that I nearly passed out for some reason and had to walk around for a bit. Very weird; but I'm okay. Plus, my teeth look even nicer.

Vance's first birthday on Saturday went nicely. He destroyed his mini-cheesecake. Totally cute.

Father's Day was cool. I spent most of it hiking around with Vance on my back (in the kid-pack; MasterBlaster style, yo) and chasing Drake. I then spent the rest of the day and the next day putting my time in on helping assemble their huge playset. Our kids are spoiled. Now they can play on their own massive contraption full of swings, monkey bars, climbing nets and a slide. When they get bored, it's over to the mini-lake near-by for some row-boat action.

Jesus, I hurt.

On Sunday night, Sharon took off to work from the office in Victoria they have for her when she visits. I made clam chowder (Maine recipe). It rocked. I spent a LOT of spare time playing Knights of Honor. Love that game. My Zeta and Scottish empires kick so much ass it ain't even funny.

At some point I watched Children of Men. One of the best films I have ever, ever seen. I'd place it in the top ten. Not one of my faves, mind (like the cheese-fest Reign of Fire, which I LURVE); but it's certainly amongst the best in my not-so-humble-opinion.

Let's see...

Right now I'm in the initial stages of assembling All The Rage for this week. The time off was nice... But it's good to be back, and I even have some sweet, sweet rumour.

It looks like I may be taking over the column Shoegazing for Panel 2 Panel, a great comics site (home of excellent stuff like the webcomic Gun Street Girl). Shoegazing will be me babbling about indie comics related things usually, or whatever else I feel like. Total freedom for me... I can dig that.

Also, a new Comics With Steve is up over at MediaGauntlet. Titles covered this time around are Dark Xena, Spider-Man Fairy Tales, Batman Confidential, Green Lantern Corps, Hellboy: Darkness Calls, and Green Arrow.

Um... That's it for now. I want to go eat my cheeseburgers and watch Big Nothing.

Oh, and I'm glad you didn't get killed, foolking. Get healed up quick!
Judge Dredd

Some Assembly Required

First things first, the new ALL THE RAGE is up.

It appeared on Zee Tubes late last night my time. I'm not getting into why it was late again this week. I'm not. Honestly, the whole thing really pisses me off when I think about it. It's like every new week brings a new excuse. Sure, the excuse is great this time, but it's still an excuse and I hate it. But there's no sense in getting all emo over it, eh?

Furthermore, I won't be on the column as of next week.


I wonder if that made it's way into a forum somewhere. Ha! I love skimmers. Of course I'll be back the following week... I'm just in need of a break. There won't be a column next week, though. The fill-in writer bailed at the last second and I really need this time off. It's either that or more half-assery than usual. I can only do things half-assed so much, you know? ;)

So, yeah, time off! Thanks to having no fill-in writer I actually have to do less for the week (as I would have had to feed the fill-in dude data etc). It's like even more of a holiday for me. Awesome. It does feel weird not doing something for this time around, but I'm sure everyone will get through it okay.

Alright, enough about that damn column. My "time off" is now... ahhhh...

This week "down" will also allow me to give a couple more updates to Comics With Steve. The latest one went up last night, too. Read it here. I only go over a few comics: Witchblade/Punisher, Batman, Retro Rocket, Irredeemable Ant-Man, and Black Summer. I'm already working on the next one... I can't see it taking more than a day or two, really. Another thing over at MediaGauntlet that's new is Views From the Longbox, a comics-oriented podcast that michaelbailey does. It's pretty damn good, so listen to it.

Don't forget! If you want to know what's new over at MediaGauntlet, one way to keep up is with it all is through mg_feed, right here on El Jay.

In other news, it's my beautiful wife's birthday! Happy Birthday, Sharon! I love you more than tacos. And that's a lot!

Vance's first birthday will be very, very soon, and then there's Father's Day. We're going out to visit Sharon's folks, AND I have major dental work in the next few days. See what I mean about needing a break?

For sitting through all this yappity-yap, I'll give you a little treat from this week's ALL THE RAGE:

Big thanks to black_happy for making my diseased vision come to life.
Judge Dredd

Oh, yeah...

I totally forgot to plug my column... Well, here's a little Home on the Rage for you!

I've also been forgetting to mention the Comic Book Database. Trust me when I say you fellow comics nerds will be quite pleased with it. As people say, it's like the IMDB of comic books.

In other news, I got three things in the mail today that greatly elated me...

Savage Dragon Archives Volume 2: I used to read Savage Dragon back in the day. And yeah, I liked it. Okay? Can we move on now? Anyhoo, this volume is 616 pages of black & white madness. It collects issues #22-#50 and that means Hellboy and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles showing up! I love crossovers. Spawn and God pop in, too, which I'm sure will prove to be entertaining-- in some way. It's been so long since I read this stuff, it's all new to me again. Ah, the 90s. How I kinda miss you. But not really.

Loaded Bible 2 - "Blood of Christ": Clone Jesus fights vampires in a Mad Maxian future. What more could I ask for? Can't wait to read this one. Info can be divined here.

Girls Volume 4 - "Extinction": Here's something that I was happy to see arrive. Girls is one of those comics that I neglected to read for some reason for a long, long time. I am overjoyed that I discovered it and now I have this sweet trade to experience. Read about what the heck it's about here and here.

I'll certainly be reviewing these in short fashion for Comics With Steve, and I also hope to get a review done for Silver Bullet.
Brock Pants Off

Grant Morrison: The Early Years

So, what's this about some kinda hoopla with Livejournal raping babies for Lolita fanfic?
I kid, I kid!

Anyhow, I just opened my front door scant moments ago to notice that Grant Morrison: The Early Years, a book by author Timothy Callahan for the Sequart Research & Literacy Organization, had arrived for my review on doorstep. Well, I didn't have to review it right there or anything... Hmmm... "Steve's Doorstep Reviews" does have a nice ring to it.

I have to admit that I was greatly pleased right away, as I'm rather fond of Grant Morrison's work (And yes, I even like his new Batman stuff... I know. I need to duck again). The book itself is a nicely put together & bound softcover. I then flipped through it... Very nice from what I see so far. Obviously well written and with plenty of information and footnotes. Not to mention the nifty interview in the back. It's pretty safe to say at this point that if you are a fan of Grant's work, you should probably pick this up. As for more on the content, that's what thorough reading is for, kiddies. I'll be sure to let y'all know what I think when I'm done with it.

Sequart's next book, by Thomas J. McLean, is entitled Mutant Cinema: The X-Men Trilogy from Comics to Screen. Can't wait for that one, bub!

Also, don't forget to read Comics With Steve... which has nothing to do with me actually appearing in comics in any way, shape, or form (I can see it now: "There Steve sits, eating a taco... Nothing can stop him." Glorious!).
Brock Pants Off

All Your Tentacle Are Belong To Us

I suppose I should mention that the newest ALL THE RAGE, "Tentacles For Hire", is up and ready for your reading enjoyment.

Some of the fun on it has already begun over at the ATR forum... Feel free to swing on by and spout off about whatever you want.

Yes, even Sonny Chiba.

Man, that Rumor Barrier and Gangsta Tron have got to go. Not that I hate either... they're just not me. Rumour hasn't been the primary focus for a long while now (even before me) and having that there is misleading and unfair, I feel, and... well... Gangsta Tron... Love ya, dude, but you are SO not me (nothing meant against Blair either, as it was his thing). Hopefully things can change soon (everyone has very busy schedules).

How has everyone's Memorial Day Weekend went?

For those of you that have had one, that is.

I also forgot to dedicate my latest column to everyone that has fallen while serving and performing their duty in the Armed Forces.
Thus I dedicate this moment.

If I had prayers, they would be in them.
Nevertheless, they are in my thoughts.
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Judge Dredd

Been awhile...

It's been over a week since my last update on this thing. I have stuff to cover, but I'm still busy, so I'll be brief... Or as brief as possible.

Yes, I did do an All The Rage last week. Read it here.

Yes, ATR is finally up for this week. It should have been up very early on Monday (since I sent it in Sunday night), but I guess work got in the way on the editorial end of things. No, I'm not happy that ATR has been late on a regular basis for some time now, but that's how the dice have landed. It's a combination of people's faults, including mine at moments. Worse things have happened, though. I'm sure people will get over it.

One person seems especially irritated over the whole thing. Although it would be to some in poor taste to do, I have to share this email and my response (and like I care about how people view my taste in things... Taco-bacon, if you are wondering). It's too bad that tone cannot be effectively relayed in email, because I was laughing the whole time.

Collapse )

The Fam and I spent the last week at Sharon's parents'. Well, Sharon spent most of the week in Victoria working, while I stayed with the kids. Basically the whole thing was a Mum's Day gift for Sharon's mother. She seemed to be quite pleased by it all.

Then we got back late Saturday and then I encountered even more problems with Vista / Microsoft Office 2007 and let's just say that I ended up having to extract the Word file which contained ATR from my laptop in a vicious and brutal manner (which then I managed to email to myself to be cleaned up on my desktop). Earlier today I re-installed everything. Tech support was of no help, by the way. I couldn't understand them and they couldn't understand me. Thank the Lordes of Bacon for Google, dammit.

Upon arriving home, we notice that our grass STILL hasn't been cut. It's like a foot and a half tall (complete with sprouts) and we haven't been able to get to it (there's these guys that are supposed to do it; and besides, we're not -allowed- to cut it ourselves). Guess what? It wasn't mowed today either. I suppose that's why the postman has been delivering packages to the property manager's office for the last three weeks. The upside is that I have a huge stack of comics and DVDs to read and watch now. Hooray for that, then.

I'll have a report on here soon covering the stack of Dynamite comics sitting here. Damn, there's some AWESOME stuff including Savage Tales #1, Giant Size Red Sonja #1, and Raise the Dead #1. Maybe I can get something written up later tonight.

Caught up on TV shows recently. Here's some quick thoughts:

Collapse )

That's it for now. I'm sure I'll find stuff to ramble about later.