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We're gonna catch them, cook them and eat them!

Movie I am looking forward to seeing: DOOMSDAY.

It's from the same guy that brought us The Descent and Dog Soldiers. Fellow Mad Max fans take note-- Doomsday should appeal to you.

Trailer and info can be found here.

I came across all of this through CHUD.com, my fave film site.

I really can never get enough of movies like this. Mmm-hmmm... Here's to hoping it doesn't suck!
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I'm in UR t00bes--

--monopolising UR time.

This is pretty funny: Pajiba's Second Annual (Sh)It List.

I LOL'd.

The only thing on the list that made me point and laugh at the writer/s was the whole "LOL" bit. Yes, I get it. LOL is "lazy" and "juvenile". It's bringing down high kultur and civilisation. It's killing babies and making elitist wanna-be intellectuals froth at the mouth like crazed, one-eyed wombats whacked out on dimenhydrinate... and I LOVE IT. So keep up those LOLs, people. Just remember: 1) Hank Moody isn't real. 2) LAWLZ.

Don't worry, I still laughed heartily as I read the list. It's pretty damned funny and well written. I found it via the Deus ex Malcontent blog (which is always a great read).

The More the Merriererer

Some items for you...

Courtesy of VelvetDiceBag, an excellent RPG gaming site (which is also gay friendly):
Reaper Miniatures "Bring Your Character to Life" Conest begins!

Sure, I could link directly to the contest (damn right I entered!), but that could mean you don't check oot VDB. See how that works? And there's even a feed for it on LJ: velvetdicebag

Shamus Young over at Twenty Sided weighs in on the whole Jeff Gerstmann / Gamespot / Eidos PR debacle. Honestly, this is one of the first things I've seen on this issue that I can agrre with / get behind. Sadly, I love Gamespot and I hope I don't have to stop going there for the infos. But hope is fleeting. On the bright side you get see Twenty Sided, one of the best sites on Zee Web.

Dash-In Dungeons!
A "rules-lite Fantasy Role-Playing  Game for two to five players". I can dig it... though a bit pricey.

I had some more to blab about, but this entry has been siting since the end of the last one. Ah, time. I wish I had more of you.

Steve Puts Your Soul Into a Pain Amplifier

Well, it's more like gdg's fault. I so blame him.

The Star Wars Holiday Special in five glorious minutes of infernal torment:

Happy Life Day, you bastards.

Also, I was trying to go back a page on some site I was on and I accidentally hit the "Stumble!" button on my Stumbleupon tool bar, and this entertaining site came up. I'm sure there are Christians reading who would find that Top Ten list amusing as well! :)
Judge Dredd

Oozing post of a few diabolical links of doom...

Some awesome friends of mine got together and produced a "short-version" of these RPG rules they're working on, and I highly recommend checking the Two-Die System out. It's non-complicated, efficient, and best of all: FUN. It's just a wee PDF, so there's no excuse if you have a pulse. Or don't have a pulse. I can see legions of the undead passing eternity using these rules to roleplay heroic adventure... THAR SHE BLOWS. Be sure to let them know how it plays and what you think, for better or worse.

"Intense occult training through D&D prepares Decibel to accept the invitation to enter a witches’ coven"
Varg proves his Eville Mettle (Metal?) with Ravenloft books. "But how Eville is he?" I ask. I mean, is he playing AD&D Ravenloft? 3.x? It matters, dammit. It matters. Good to see 3 Inches of Blood mentioned, which is a band spurnnedhistory has insisted I check out. Thanks, poh, for the wonderful link (which is to an article on the connection to D&D and Metal, in case you are wary of clicking and needed some kind of descript0r).

Spokane, Washington is good for little more than atomic bomb testing, as far as I and thousands of others are concerned. However, even the most reviled of locations can yield a few gems now and then. Except maybe Detroit... but that's another topic for another time. Anyhow, I discovered this site whilst looking for Boardgaming Goodness and they seem to be quite the find, especially if you live in the Pacific Northwest of the good ol' US of A. They're called Boards & Bits and I invite you to take a look. Great prices as well as a nice, dead simple and easy-to-navigate layoot.

Like Blood Bowl? Play it online through FUMBBL. All the info you need to get started is easy to find and easy to do. I need to start a new team, myself...

You know, I have to say. Reading through all of these old gaming mags I have I've noticed that most of the "nerd debates" haven't changed much at all in the last TWENTY YEARS. Damn. And the girls women in gaming/comics debate hasn't changed. At all.
Johnny Alpha

For your reading pleasure

Will anal sex make my butt bigger?

Will it? Find out! An entertaining read of a thread, to be sure. Or just plain silly.
Regardless, your life will feel more fulfilled and bigger for it.
(Bigger bum buggering?)

Scambaiting 101

Tired of scammers? Want to make them pay for clogging up your email? Then here's an invaluable resource for you.

(Update: I forgot to credit spurnnedhistory for the above links... Sorry, man! It was the cheese, I swear!)

I would love to tell my fellow nerds how Thor #1'll play out. But I won't. I will say that it's a pretty damn good issue. Pick it up when it hits the racks on July 4th.
Metalocalypse Rockin Like Dokken

Stuff to get your day goin' with and stuff...

First off, check out superdooperawesome (yes, that IS a professional industry term, dammit) artist Matt Busch's preview of You Can Draw Star Wars:

New "Super-Earth" Found!
Get those faster-than-lightspeed engines ready, folks. I honestly think this is one of the coolest things I've read about in, like, ever.

Do you live in mortal fear of being gobbled up or robbed at gun-point by a shark? If someone shouts out "SHARK!" in a movie theatre, do you involuntarily urinate yourself? Then this site might not be for you. For everyone else who, like me, have a healthy "fearcination" of sharks, I highly recommend it. Oh, and look, an lj feed: swim_risk

And you know, there are far worse things than sharks. Cancer, for instance.

Fascist America in Ten Easy Steps
I found this article to be nothing new in my mind, but it's well written and a pretty good thought-provoking read.

Anyone remember Profit?
I think I will order the DVDs. I only ever saw one episode and really, really loved it.
Here's a taste:

Not a big stretch why he was cast as Nathan on Heroes, eh?

That's all for now. Hope everyone has a good day. :)
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Good Reading

I was going through the friends list and saw gkr's Rat's Reading feed and read his latest review, which is about The Year's Best Science Fiction: Thirteenth Annual Collection. A great review for a great collection of stories!
One of the stories, Starship Day, is available online these days (click here).
It's been a long time since I read any of those stories, but the review brought those memories flooding back.
I recommend anyone with an interest in Science-Fiction pick this anthology up, or any of The Year's Best Science Fiction books, for that matter. Buy them or check them out from the library; it's worth it.
Judge Dredd

Apropos Comics

Hey! I finally tracked down the original source of those cool comics I have been posting!

There's some other great ones on there...
Including more "I told you... Tomato is a fruit!" Bat-Botanist!
Just click on Thor's hammer to get some.

hehehe... Thor's hammer... huh-huh-huh-huh-huh :P