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Judge Dredd

Now THAT'S service!

Awhile back I ordered an awesome Judge Dredd shirt. Some of you may have seen me wearing it last Saturday. Go ahead and click here if you want to see me bringing Sexy back with it. Anyways, the shirt had a big problem. You see, the print started coming off with one washing. I wrote to 2000AD to let them know, but didn't expect anything. They're in the UK, after all. Shit happens. So, they tell me they're terribly sorry and that it's a horrible manufacturing snafu. They then tell me to pick out another (different) shirt. I went with an ABC Warriors one. It turns out that the ABC Warriors shirt has a similar problem, but "Oh well," I say, "Stuff happens and at least they managed to get a replacement to me in like a week... from England. The service was wonderful, too."

Today I get a brand new "Gaze into the Fist of Dredd!" shirt. WTF? Wow! And it's supposed to hold up in the wash, too. I had no idea it was coming. I would have been happy with the first messed up shirt, you know? But being the funting zarjaz and massively awesome folks they are, 2000AD & Rebellion sent me a new shirt... one that's supposed to last. Free of charge, even. And I keep the other shirts, of course.

Now THAT is service.

Read 2000AD. Buy the trades. Why?
Because they ROCK.
That's why.

I'm still in shock.

I wonder if they knew somehow that I'd be pimping them in All the Rage?
Judge Dredd

Upcoming horror comic run in 2000AD...

"A New Dimension in terror "

"The chilling new story about a lost horror movie by Simon Spurrier and the mysterious Smudge."

click on zee pic for a nifty trailer

"It starts in Prog 1507 (on sale 27 September 2006) - but for now, dim the lights, secure all windows and doors, and catch a glimpse of the terrors awaiting you..."

Seems like it could be very cool! I'm looking forward to it...
That's what I love about 2000AD... it's a great mixed bag of neat stuff.
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Judge Dredd


Pertinent data HERE, citizen.
Failing to follow the above link will result in a 6 month stint in an iso-cube.
Failing to purchase Prog 1505 will result in 20 years hard labour on Titan, creep.

One thing I really love about that picture is the fact they added Tom Frame and Syd Barrett blocks.
(in Judge Dredd's world, the city blocks ((each averaging around 60,000 people)) are named for historic people of all sorts)
Johnny Alpha

Another great cover

You know, now that I think on it, I really need to get this book. It collects progs (issues) of 2000AD I already (mostly) have... I would just like to own the trade paper back. Durham Red is a great character, her sexy vampiric mutant bounty hunter self first appearing within the pages of the 2000AD strip Strontium Dog. Later, writer Dan Abnett has her "take a break" in stasis only to accidently wake up a thousand years later in a universe where she is hailed as a mutant messiah. Of course, as always, Abnett's storytelling is masterful. Mark Harrison's art is spectactular... It should be noted he also did the amazing art for Glimmer Rats.

I hope that one day Durham Red ends up being something more than just a template for BloodRayne as far as the mainstream is concerned (at least in North America, dunno about the UK). I think a movie with her would be really, really cool.
Johnny Alpha

"There is no Spoon."

Dog Soldiers.
What did I think of it?

"Why the fuck hadn't I seen this fucking awesome movie before? What IS wrong with me????"

Man, that film RAWKS. Loved it. It serves up the laldy and keeps on hammering you in the teeth with fun until you about gag on the good times. Seriously. The writing and acting are what make it, too. Sure, it's low-budget, but who cares? It kicks serious arse, me friends. The kind of cinema that is made for persons such as myself.
You know.
The good people.

(Sharon loved it too, in case any of you were wondering)

Speaking of the good people, Kevin McKidd is in Dog Soldiers. Man, he is -awesome-. I just love the guy.
He really shined as Lucius Vorenus in HBO's Rome and he really did a knockout performance in Dog Soldiers. As did everyone, really. The acting was terrific.
The direction? Splendid.

A movie to own, folks. Extra special love will go to the lovely soul that procures Dog Soldiers for me as a birthday gift.
It's coming up, you know. My birthday. 10 September.

(I was gonna make this joke here, see, about how 9/10 is a date that shall live in infamy. But then I thought that would be in bad taste. Eh? Ahhh... yeeeah. Oh well, then)

31, since you asked.
And I'm loving it. That's the truth.

I need to figure out what I'm gonna do for that damned date... Well, September 9th, anyway, as that is a Saturday.
Ideas? Threats?

And since we're on the whole "Dog" in a movie title thing.... when will there be a Strontium Dog movie made? Huh? I'd give near anything to see that.

Edited to add: Dog Soldiers is really a lot like something one would read straight outta 2000AD (or any similar, usually UK based, publication). So if you liked the movie, you might wanna give 2000AD a crack.
Fiends of the Eastern Front came to mind straight away while watching, btw.
And here's a plug for the community, too: 2000ad.
Judge Dredd

Is that a goat in your pocket, citizen? 5 in the 'cube.

In a few minutes we are off to Parksville to go to a bookstore that we saw that has gnomes painted on it.
Must. Visit. Gnome. Book. Store.

Also, we will be hunting down the movie Dog Soldiers.
Judging on what I've read and heard, I cannot believe I've never seen it.

Lastly: Do you like 2000AD? What's that, you say? Well do you at least enjoy stuff from it (like Judge Dredd, for instance) or stuff heavily influenced or related in some way to it (say, Warhammer stuff and other dark sci-fi/fantasy, usually from the UK)?
Well, then... Join 2000ad, if you like!

If you're not interested, I understand.
I'll just send trans-dimensional shadow beasts armed with lazookas to make havoc with your social life.

Until next time...
Hide from the Taco-Ninjas!
Rogue Trooper

Beach and Glimmer

Today was a fine day. We got up early, got ready and waited for Erika & Bruno to show up with their twins.
Then we ate mighty good food.
Once filled up on foody goodness, we headed for the beach. Rathtrevor Beach. And for once it was pretty packed. Still, it was good fun and exercise. Drake even went swimming.
Anyhow, yeah, it was fun.

Got a nap in. Then I broke out some progs (issues) of 2000AD I have acquired recently and read the Glimmer Rats thrill (storyline/comic) by Gordon Rennie and Mark Harrison in it's entirety.
Dark, dark, dark, moody and violent horror/military-sci-fi. Holy crap, it's good. I'm surprised there was ever one run of it. There's a graphic novel available now with the whole story (60 pages). I -highly- recommend you check it out for yourself (if you like disturbingly good dark sci-fi stories with fantastic artwork).
What is Glimmer Rats? Well click here and here for a rundown.
(seriously, click on those links if anything in the vein of Aliens meets Lovecraft interests you, but you've always felt like Aliens, Lovecraft and their ilk are a bit too drokking Care Bears and My Little Pony and want something a bit more fun)

Yup. Still having a great time.
Judge Dredd

Drokking 'ell! And other assorted things,

2000AD really needs to step it up and get these shirts out for sale already.

That  "Gaze into the fist of Dredd!" one is too perfect. especially considering I saw it -after- I posted that bit in my lj. Hehehe...

In other news, Drake is starting to read. Like right off of the page and everything... I know that we are to expect quantum leaps in development between 2 and 3 years of age, but -wow-. Reading at 27 months? Not bad, not bad.
At this rate he should be reading normally before three!

Vacation is good. Yesterday we hiked up around Rathtrevor Beach (one of the World's finest, I swear) and Drake got to play with the rocks and throw them into the water (a fave pastime of his).
Today was a lazy day where the most complex thing we did was go to the Coombs Old Country Market, where we picked up Drake a Goats on the Roof shirt, yummy food & drink and some toys. we also picked up a REALLY nice saki cup set.
Yes, there are really -actual- goats on the roof. They eat the grass that is up there. Yes. Grass on the roof. It's awesome.

Sharon grew up only only like three miles (or so) away from Goats on the Roof.
It explains everything, really.
(Aw, come on, do you have to tell her I said that?!)

After we got back here, Drake and I wandered around the property looking at the bunnies (who were following us) and deer (who were completely unafraid of us).

Tomorrow, I think we're heading to Nanaimo for some shopping.
Yay! Curious Comics! :D

Now, I'm gonna play some more Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance. How did I go so long with never playing this fantastic game?

Oh and I should add: vance is doing great! He's already fitting into size 6 months in clothes. Not bad for a 6 -week- old, eh? :P
Judge Dredd

Gift means poison in german....

Going to awesome Parksville Beach again pretty soon... But before we do, I thought I'd give you earthlets a gift.
Know that 2000AD comic I love to drokking yammer on and on about? Yeah, well click on this to see some sample comics courtesy of the BBC.
Good stuff. Choice thrills from class-acts like Strontium Dog, Judge Dredd (from 1979!), Rogue Trooper (first installment!), Sinister Dexter (Dan Abnett's little baby!) and prog 0 (the 2000AD test issue from like 1976). Pure neat-o, I tell you.

Yesterday, at the beach, I almost stepped on / ran into a large red jellyfish that had come within a few metres of the shore. Me and wildlife, I tell you. I wonder what kind of sea-borne invertebrate it was? I'll have to look it up.
And, dear grud, was that water nice and warm.
Good times! :)