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Am I still here?

I think I've come to a decision that makes me really happy. Finally.

I have some really cool news that makes me -really- happy. It does involve moving around a year from now. To Coombs. You know, where you can find goats on a roof. And Butterfly World (which is really close)! It also involves me slinging gaming product. For myself. Stay tuned.

Like a broken record: What have I missed?

I've been swamped with Teh Busy.

Oh, and here's something fun to read. Bill Mauldin (and his WW2 comics)  = Awesome.
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Career Thing

Hey, I did that career finder dealie, and here's what I got (the first ten, anyway):

1. Being Awesome
2. Professional Bacon Consumer
3. Taco Specialist
4. Being Really Awesome
5. Dick
6. Grognerd
7. Being Really Really Awesome
8. Suicide Bar Commando Supreme Overlord
9. The Guy Who Refuses to Shut the Fuck Up
10. Gnoman Army Captain

In other news, I should mention that I conducted a mini-interview with Warhammer: Forge of War artist Rahsan Ekedal earlier today. It was a tonne of freaking fun, let me tell you! He's rad. Expect to see it on Monday when the next ATR runs.
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Perhaps I should update...

San Diego was a blast. Everything that could break on me did. Including the airplane. News of my Con adventures can be found at SBC.

been dealing with moving all week. I'm feeling quite crispy. I'll be doing a big final thing on SDCC and other stuff soon. The house is completely AWESOME and, like, way too big.

I found out something out at SDCC I can't talk about at all, but it's probably the best comics related news -evar- for this particular fanboy. You lot out there in Internetland can take a guess, including all you fellow journo scum.

Everything is really jumbled at the moment as I hang on by a thread. I've met lots and lots of nice people over the last week. Except for two of the three flight attendants on the return flight (Alaska, if you're wondering). The c-word comes to mind, and I don't mean "cute". Of course, I could have been in a bad mood. I guess I don't like being fucked with and hearing them tell everyone that I'm a nervous flier. Why am I nervous? Because I fucking hate commercial aircraft. The seaplane doesn't bother me. Anyhow, nice of them to prove my point.

In Alaska's defense, sort of anyway, the flight there was a nightmare only helped by their very kind staff. And free drinks. I like free drinks. We spent a few hours on the runway and I missed SDCC on Thursday. That sucked. The flight was pretty rough, too. But hey, free drinks.

I really should be working on ATR, but I need a break from going through everything. I seemed to have managed to've turned a clusterfuck into something pretty cool. Least, I think so.

I'm really looking forward to Bristol. I'm also really looking forward to finally moving into (not just stuff) the new home... but being up here at Sharon's folks' has been rather nice. Lots of time with me kidlings. Also, the sun doesn't burn as hot as it does in San Diego. Man, it's hot down there. But very nice. And full of fun.

I'm sure I'll write more later and stuff. Sharon's new job kicks ass, in case anyone is wondering. In my time away from her, she went insane and started an LJ account. sisaunders if you're curious. Add her if you like, but don't be offended if she doesn't add you back because 1) she's very, very busy and/or 2) she may not know you / recognise you.

Saw the last Burn Notice. Still fun, but it needs to pull out of that nose-dive into 80's cheesiness it's doing. An' quick-like.

Now: Oysters.

Brock Pants Off

I'll See You On The Beach

First off, I forgot to link to Sunday's ALL THE RAGE. So there you go.

I'm about to go catch my flight to San Diego, and thus Comic Con. Wish me luck, yo. Mainly for the flight. I really hate flying on commercial aircraft. I think I'll be okay, though. 

As for the Con, I'll update here and do some ATR updates (of course). Hope to see some of you down there! And for the rest of you, well, have a great week/weekend.

I'll be missing most lj entries between now and Monday/Tuesday. So, like, if anything important happens in LJ land... like let me know, mmmkay?

What am I missing????

Hehehehe... Alright, time to finish packing and all that noise.

Clear the ramp. Grud be with ya.
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Mellifluous, indeed

At some point last night, the latest installment of ALL THE RAGE escaped into the wilds of the Super-Tubes. What will it do? Will it hide? NO! It'll find more tubes to liberate. It may be vigilant, but it will not be pure. Nor will it behave. Freedom for the tubes!

Erm, sorry, kinda got carried away there.

What's in this edition? Just the usual odds, ends, and awesome things I collect over the week.

+ Something about Runaways. And what's Garth Ennis have to do with my piece on that?

+ Something about Dark Horse throwing it's horseshoes into the ring of "Pissing off Women". I'm waiting for a woman I know to state "But I love Gor!"
Okay. Maybe not, then.

+ Comics on your phone? Hell yes! And not only that, but a sure to be magnificent comic called Thunder Road will debut on this mobile phone service. Thunder Road is an alternate time-line post apocalyptic comic that looks truly mellifluous DAKKA.

+ Free comics and books? Markosia is putting some of their titles up for free download? Free comics AND books??? "TELL ME HOW, STEVE!!!", you say? Read the bit and find out.

+ LAYYYYYYMAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

+ A mini-interview with John Aegard, the fellow behind the genius comic Greeter. Dune set in a Wal-Mart. Yeah, I thought that would get your attention. Oh, and issues #0-#2 are available to read for FREE.

+ For you fellow fans of lupine influenced lycanthropy, check out the preview (with some exclusive images) of Willow Creek.

+ Many parting shots, including Thor and Beta Ray Bill performing Slayer's Raining Blood and a link to John Kovalic (Dork Tower) demonstrating his great taste in food.

There is also a blatant reference to Bi-God 20. Not only that, there's a nod to Depeche Mode.
Hey, I don't forget my roots.
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Is this thing on?

First-- Thank the Almighty Spirits of Stuff That Makes The Burning Pee Go Away for gracing me with internet usage again. Jesus peanut butter christ. It's been spotty for the last few days... and at the most inopportune moments! What the heck?!

Anyhow, back in zee intardweb. That was several instances of several hours too long.

ALL THE RAGE is finally up this week. "What the heck happened?" you may be asking. Well, long story short, it has been a rough week at SBC. Real rough. Especially on our editor in chief, Jason. It didn't help that he got ATR from me some hours later than I should have turned it in (because of one of the outages). Then there were other reasons on the editorial end. Just a bad week, and we'll leave it at that. I'm not mad at Jason or anything. Shit happens. He's a great guy and a great boss.

It hasn't helped that James Redington died. Man... I don't think I've ever been this bummed out over the death of someone I didn't really know. I mean I'm REALLY down about it. So are a lot of people. It may have to do with the fact that he was a part of the team. Not just SBC, but the "Awesome People In The Comics Industry" team. I really looked forward to meeting him at Bristol next year. Instead, I'll have a drink in his name with some of his friends. It all seems so trivial when it represents the life of a human being... But it's the thought that counts.

Why do awesome people have to die? We need, as a species, to figure a way to keep these people alive forever.
I believe it is an imperative.

I'll say it again: My deepest condolences go out to James' family and friends. He'll be missed. He truly will be.

I suppose I have more to ramble about. But now I just don't feel like writing anything. Perhaps later.
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Duct Tape Makes You Smart

Oh, yeah! I almost forgot to let y'all know that the new All The Rage is up and ready to be read by you.

And just what can you find on ATR this week-- in glorious Free-Vision(tm), might I add?

+ Art whiz Phil Hester talking about Irredeemable Ant-Man and some on other stuff he's got going on. For you Eric O'Grady Ant-Man fans, there's some preview images of #11 in there (unlettered).

+ An exclusive 3-page preview for Blade #11.

+ The rather disturbing trailer for the mysterious Puppykiller comic. Apparently, the creator(s) want to be secretive about who they are and stuff. What/whoever Junkie Jesus may be, though, is sure to be interesting.

+ Writer Keith Dallas talks about an excellent sci-fi/fantasy/multi-genre/adventure/Big Mystery comic coming out called Omega Chase.

+ For you lot that love stuff like Buffy and Hellboy, you need to read the bit on Proof, complete with exclusive images. Proof is the titular character who is apart of a government group that tracks down "cryptids" (i.e. crypto-zoological animals like the Loch Ness Monster and the Yeti). Oh, and did I mention that Proof just happens to be Bigfoot?

+ A really cool medieval themed comic called Riddler's Fayre: A Game of Revenge.

+ Some other bits!

Not rumour-centric at all this week. Just so you know.

Huge thanks go out to my bud industrial_grrl!!!! (You'll see why!) :D

Beautiful day today. Went to the beach with the fam and had a great time.

I picked up Overlord. Mmmmm... gaming goodness.

And remember, kids: Freedom!
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