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Judge Dredd


...Bacon. Ayrshire bacon. Freshly cut. Wrapped in paper, even.

My better half spoils me.

Also, I feel that no pan-dimensionally celebrated birthday is complete without Dora the Explorer's Pirate Adventure.
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Judge Dredd

Yo, Music Nerds...

Thanks to the wonderful no_mans_land, there's this idea...

BACONKEY: Songs in the Key of Bacon.

Songs about bacon, for bacon, by those who love/hate bacon... and like to make music.

Then the songs (if anyone if brave/retarded/awesome/brilliant/bored enough to do them) will be hosted for download.

Yeah, it's dumb.

But it's BACON.

(and yes, I am aware of that... where did you think BACONKEY came from, anyway? lol)
Judge Dredd


I will reply to that 'will you sleep with me?' meme with 'BACON!' no matter who posts it.

Of course, I now owe cynickal a great big 'BACON!' in person.
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