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Judge Dredd

A Special Day

Today is a special day. For on this day, a man was born a man-- a man who stepped from his mother's beehive hair-do like a hybrid chicken-viking warrior hellbent with a handlebar mustache and techno.




Eventually, he settled on a location to live and raise his tentacled progeny, all of whom he fed to dwarven Peter Murphy impersonators. To this very day-- this very moment, in fact!-- he says it never happened.

But we know better.

Eventually, I would meet this man, this man who thinks that Flash Gordon just may very well be his cat's long-lost father's uncle from Uzbekistan. During the aforementioned eventuality, we decided to have a turkey leg-laden caged death match over whether or not Charlemagne (which means "Not a French pussy" in Frankish) could really read, and whether or not Carthaginian hookers had anything to do with the Toltecs.

Hey. They had ships. It could have happened.

Eventually, the eventuality led to drinking. And we all know what that means.

Congrats, nihil_duce-- it's a boy-girl. My ass really hurts. Now go immolate some churches or something.
Judge Dredd

Wuv To The Shron

Happy Birthday to my beloved partner in crime: Sharon.

Somehow, I manged to trick this gorgeous and remarkable person into marrying me and having children. Muahahahahah!

She looks too damn young for her age. What's up with that?

Anyhow, I love her and stuff. It's true. She makes me happy, and today I'll make her happy by paying attention to her-- just a little*.

(*Of course, I'm kidding. I pay attention to her lots usually**. :) )

(**Unless I'm playing Medieval 2 Total War, she says. Oh... yeah...)
Bananas Aren't Scary

LOLwolf! AGAIN!!!

Hey folks... time for another Orcusville! The LOLwolf playtesting continues--Vic, Vis and Hack weigh in. Things you may notice: Odd references, "dick fiat", Hack likes carnage ("Really?!", I bet you say).

(Click on the above Strip-Snip to be taken to the full version of LOLwolf: Second Thoughts!)

Tomorrow's strip should be appreciated by Firefly fans...

I've caught up on the BSG episodes. So far, so good! I'll have to post my thoughts on them at some later point.

And a very happy birthday goes out to the Man With a Cool Last Name, staticengine! Have a good one, man.
Judge Dredd


Today's a big day. Today is Drake's fourth birthday!

Everyone at Orcusville is celebrating:

Just click on the above image to see how Doctor A. Thoth, Chaos Specialist, feels about Drake's special day.
Orcus also mentions a few of the things Drake is getting. I mean, can you blame him? Roman War Galleys are REALLY COOL!!
("Who's birthday is it -exactly-, Steve??"-- I can hear you from here.)

Anyhow, I just couldn't help myself. I love my Drake. He's one of the best kids in the pan-multi-reality (the other being Vance).

Okay, I have festivities to attend to. I hope everyone is having a great day!

Urge to pimp... rising.

(click to make bigger, yo)

I was just reminded that I said Orcusville should be up and running by May to the guys I'm working with... like a few weeks ago. Funny how things worked oot so fast. Now we have strips lined up for a little while.

www.orcusville.com is now a reality. Go get some.

And don't forget-- you can get Orcusville fed to you directly from your Friends List. Just add orcusville_feed.
Did you do it? Yeah? Feel that? That's--
No, no. That's the space herpes. Not my fault. I suggest drinking less and eating more babies.
-- I, uh, forgot where I was going with... that.

So, thanks to a blood sugar episode last night, I missed my doctor's appointment. For, you know, my diabetes. Oh, sweet irony. The problem wasn't a big deal, and other diabetics will know of what I speak when I say "Woke up in shock. Ate two bowls of cereal and some other... stuff. Had a hard time waking up 2.5 hours later." Good times, I say.

Happy freaking birthday to The Most Awesome and Excellent Leap Year Baby of Krypton, michaelbailey! If you are a comics fan, you are doing yourself a disservice by not listening to his remarkable podcast of steel (amongst other things), Views From the Longbox.

Back to doing what I was doing. Hopefully I stop feeling like poo soon.

Slappy Birthday

Big man-hairy Happy Birthday wishes go out to my fave master of the art of Cough Lolly, ryan_speck.

And hey, you can do yourself a real compassionate act by ordering his book. That way you give yourself the gift* of Awesome, -and- you give him a gift* as well.

Happy Birthdays to any others I'm neglecting in this post!

(*"Gift" means "poison" in Germanistanian**.)

(**Not French.)
Myconid Ninja!


Feast your eyes on this fine strip:

Clicketh to make biggerth, of course.

Here's the article "featured".

Read that? Right. First off: I'm terribly sorry. If you need to read something else that is actually LESS stupid and fucking inane, I recommend the Scrappy Scrapbooker Scandal I babbled about a couple posts back.

Hole-eee-shit. This guys writes? He actually has someone asking him to make a deadline or whatever? They gave him a column??? Fuck me with an entire zombie elephant. Damn. At least now I have someone to point to if someone emails me saying "UZ wuz da wurst ATRr righter EVAR". In fact, thank you Kevin McWhatever. Your dedication to being, well, whatever it is you consider yourself to be allows me to be less critical of my own yammerings.

Did he even play Mass Effect? Who knows, really. And who cares? He just needs Duh Heets, apparently. Oh, and did he ever get them. I'm happy to send some more his way. This kind of comedy doesn't mine itself. It needs the loving internet-driven devotion that only you fellow humans can accomplish. With very large and mean looking pick-axes.

I like how he got a dig in at Ron Paul there. Yeah. That will turn your shitty ship of shit around post-haste, Kevin. Utterly brilliant, I say.

ETA: But wait! It gets even better. Kevin responds. Fucking awesome. I just laughed so hard that I think something popped in my brain. Thank you, Penny Arcade, I love you.

In other, (much) more important news: HAPPY FREAKIN' BIRFDAY, staxxy! You're a doll. Have a good one, okay? The best memory of you is from the last time we hung (like bats!) at my 31st B-Day Endeavor. It's always awesome to hang with ya, and I hope to when I get back down to them parts again. Just remember: You Rule. :)

It's also thanks to you that I have some Netrunner cards! :D
Dredd Love Hurts


ogremarco, I hope you end up in a combine "accident" that rips your nethers off and chokes you on them, with relief only coming when you set yourself on fire... then subsequently leap into a vat of paint-stripper. Twice.

Okay, I'm kidding.


Happy Birthday, you old sod. Here's to many more. And no problems with farming equipment, hopefully.