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More of the Things!


- Artist extraordinaire Rahsan Ekedal is interviewed by Lord Orcus! They talk about his work on the Warhammer comics, his upcoming Dark Horse Comics project with Josh Fialkov, and Rahsan's taste in metal. His taste in metal is good, just so you know. There's also an exclusive, killer, uncolored page from Warhammer: Condemned by Fire #2 in there. What more could you ask for? Here's a taste:

"Lord Orcus: One question regarding you that’s brought up on Orcusville often is how many detailed decapitations you can draw in an hour. I say at least seventeen, while Vis believes it closer to twelve (and then goes on about the legality of marrying lemurs; but we’ll move on). Nergal has been betting you can do thirty-four. Could you help us out here?

Rahsan: Nergal is probably betting high, but I think I might be able to pass the 20 mark if I was really blazing… Oh, and please give Vis my best wishes - it’s hard to live an alternative lifestyle that isn’t widely accepted in our society. Keep fighting for your rights, Vis!"

Decapitation is an important subject, see. Here, read the entirety of Condemned to Illustrate: Lord Orcus vs. Rahsan Ekedal!

- And for you folks looking to get into the beta for Warhammer Online via codes found in Condemned by Fire comics, the deadline to enter your codes has been extended. Some details:

Do I still have to register my code by May 31st in order to qualify for the beta contest?
The deadline has been extended to June 14th in order to enter your code.

How do I register multiple keys on the same Beta Center account?
As stated we only allow one key per Beta Center Account.

What phase of beta are the winners given access to?
Winners will be invited to CLOSED beta.

You know, I picked up an issue so that I can enter. And I forgot all about it! Hahaha... better get on that later.

- I wasn't the only one who saw Cloverfield. Lord Orcus did, too. Find out what he thought and what it all has to do with Jane Austen in Sense and Shaky Camera Work. Big thanks go out to black_happy for the great title of today's strip!

- I was reminded a little bit ago that I really enjoyed Terminator 3. Am I the only one? I seem to remember not thinking it was awesome initially, but upon further viewings, I came to the conclusion it is the best scripted of the three films. What do you think? Am I crazy?

- spurnnedhistory is right, this is pretty amazing: A series of wedding photographs taken moments after an earthquake struck China's Sichuan province on 12 May have been released.

- Phil Plait, aka The Bad Astronomer, has been doing videos in response to astronomy questions from sixth graders. Honestly, we adults will learn a thing or two. I really like Mr. Plait, and his videos are genius. Start watching them HERE. The latest part, 4, is HERE-- and this also links to parts 2 and 3.

- I still need to watch 30 Days of Night. Yeesh.

- Thank you Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning for keeping some of my current interest in Marvel!

Done now.
I think.
Judge Dredd

Age of Bronze!

For those of you who like ancient history, ancient Greece, the Trojan War, and just fantastic story-telling, check out my interview with Eric Shanower, creator of AGE OF BRONZE, an amazing account of the Trojan War through comic books.

I really wanted to go in-depth with him, but I felt the average person wouldn't have found that interesting. Besides, Eric goes in-depth anyway, and it's quite awesome.
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Interview Killed the Columnist Star with Warful Geary Things

Lock the children in the basement and prepare for the end, folks: Someone decided to interview me. It was a short notice kind of thing, but I'm always willing to inflate my massive solar-sized ego help out my friends.

Here is the Interview of Bacony Doom!
(Part of the Jerwa Report over at the Dynamic Forces website, which you should be reading on a weekly basis!)

Yes, yes, Brandon MUST be dropping Coca-Cola bottles all over the place! But think of the BACON.
Bacon Zemo approves.

(Could anyone do a Bacon Zemo pic, I wonder?)

I also did a quick Nutshell Review on the videogame Gears of War. Go ahead and read it here, if you so desire.
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Curses! The tables have turned!

I was just interviewed.

Which... was a bit odd, but in a good way. I'll be posting a link later when the interview runs.

It was fun to do! Big thanks goes out to Brandon (of the dynamic sd6 lj duo).
I hope I don't single-handedly sink your column, man! :D
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First up, here's my latest review... It's a real gusher over Thunderbolts #110.

Next, here's a great interview of Jeff Parker by the always good interviewer Tim O'Shea.

Beau Smith put out an outstanding Busted Knuckles column this week! Check it out.

Currently, I'm working on this enormous write-up on the Battlestar Galactica comics published by Dynamite Entertainment (they also put out Red Sonja, Army of Darkness, The Lone Ranger, Xena, Highlander and other great titles). There's like five people interviewed (4 writers and the director of marketing) and 6 interviews (Brandon Jerwa gets to go twice) total. It's a monster. It may have to be split in two parts, we'll see. The interviews themselves aren't that large, but they all add up. After like a month, it will be nice to know that this will see the light of day (or monitor, I guess)! Dynamite and the title's writers have all been very helpful and kind. Very cool, indeed. Expect it up soon.

Whew... I need a break. Gears of War is done and Call of Duty 3 is eating up some free-time... But I think I just want a nap. Mmmm... nap.
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New Week, New Rage

Come one, come all, come check out my latest installment of ALL THE RAGE.
There's some tasty treats contained in this week's ATR. Hope you dig it!

The extraordinarily talented Mr. Tony Lee's interview is up. What a fun gent to talk to! Cheers, Tony. :)

Speaking of awesome talent being interviewed, I dunno if I linked to Matt Busch's interview already, but here it is again (if that's the case). There's some fun times right there! Matt, you rock.

I "reviewed" Civil War #6 in this week's Silver Bullet Slugfest. I say "reviewed" because I really just talk about one thing, really ("Really?"). Way I saw it, everyone else would have more detailed reviews. Ha! So enjoy my ramblings, why don't you...
(and that song I mention in the review is "Sentinel" by Noise Process)

And coming soon: My interview with Rob Liefeld.

While you're over at SBC, check out some of the other fine writing from our incredibly gifted bunch of contributors. Seriously, they do their jobs very well. I'm proud to be a part of the team. :D
Punisher & Deadpool

2 things...

He may not want it getting around, but Rob Liefeld is a very nice guy and a good sport. If anyone is wondering, we didn't cover the past as that's been talked to death. That left very little room for the "ZOMG Liefeld must die for his crimes!" kinda thing, and you know what? I'm glad. I'm not a dick. I might have "called him out" in my column, but it was a friendly call out... Nothing hostile. So, those of you that expect a nasty, hostile interview will be sorely disappointed. I'd say it's pretty informative with a few tough questions, but since all the -really- good tough questions have been covered ages ago, well, there's little point in asking them again. Also, I have a newfound respect for Mr. Liefeld. Here's to you, man!

The downside to today is that Drake just became very ill. He has some sort of heavy-duty stomach virus that he probably got at daycare (says the nurse we called). Man, and there I was all trying to get used to the fact that daycare is cool.
Poor little guy. :(
John Constantine

Tony Lee interview...

...is conducted! We did it though Gmail Chat, which is actually rather handy. I'd say it went rather well, and Tony is a good sport.

The Tony Lee interview should be up soon.
And just think, you'll get to find out his great answer to the one question that's been burning in comicdom's heart for eons:

"Okay, so the situation is you and four gnomes must stop an out-of-control rollercoaster from going off of its tracks and flying into a pivotal bacon factory. You have a ball of twine, one pound of cheese (Stilton) and a doohickey that allows for you to defy gravity. The clock is ticking... what do you do?"
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Garth Ennis Interview and Gears of War

My Garth Ennis interview is up. Huzzah!
I like how Keith, the SBC editor, made it look. I kind of wish Garth was able to answer a question about the Preacher HBO show, but he couldn't... and besides, the interview was all done before the announcement. Oh well, I still think it reads good. :)
Hope you like it!

Also, I would just like to say that Gears of War is totally sexy. DAMN. I'll probably do a Gamer Recon of it later for MediaGauntlet.
(and here is my Gamer Recon for F.E.A.R. on the 360, btw)

Now to go eat some brie and lox while we watch Superman Returns...
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Tanks Giving

What do I have to be thankful for? Besides having the most awesome friends and family on the planet-- Nay, multiverse?

The questions I sent Garth Ennis came back!
Happy day! :D

Oh, and in case you haven't seen it yet, here is the interview I did with Darick Robertson. "Front page", baby. *beams*

Speaking of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, The Boys #5 is some of their best work. Terrific issue!

My best to you all.