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Metalocalypse Rockin Like Dokken


So, after doing some crap, writing, and playing with the boys until the fun hurt, we're in here listening to some music.

At first, we listened to some industrial, mostly Funker Vogt (minus, like, Shaven). The boys put on the Disco Moves. Mashine Zeit is a particular fave of ours. (Personally, I feel FV became rather bland after T.)

But then I switched things up.

I started blasting EXODUS.

And that's when they put on their METAL FACE.

It truly is a sight to behold, folks.
Johnny Alpha

HoL-E PuuU


I totally neglected to post up yesterday's Orcusville comic. It was important, too... 100 STRIPS! w00t!

And here's today's, called Holsome Love:

The Man-Geek night last night went until 3 or 4 am. I didn't get to bed until 5. Then I had to get to a little-kid birthday party riot at around 2.30pm today. It was a helluva  a lot of fun! I love kids. :)

Games played last night were Tannhauser, Descent and Betrayal at the House on Haunted Hill. Another game going on with some of the guys while others of us were playing Descent was Return of Heroes (w/ the Shadow of the Dragon expansion). Return of Heroes looked REALLY cool, and I hope to play it next time. Tannhauser was how we kicked off the night, and it was a slaughter-fest death-match. I ended up with a couple heads to mount in the den. Descent was a combat-fest, and the GM (the British Butcher, Bill) creamed us eventually. My orc guy was a total axe-swinging unstoppable maelstrom of violence-- but the other dudes, bless them, kept getting pwned. Bill liked focusing on them... evil, evil man. Betrayal at the House on Haunted Hill was surprisingly fun! Great game, and I hope to play it again. It has a "build as you go" aspect that's very much like Zombies!!, and there are some really messed up and freaky scenarios to play through.

One cool thing about the game-night was the fact we had 3 Canadians, 2 Brits, 1 Aussie and 1 American in attendance. We decided that if the Germans attacked we'd be prepared.

All in all, I had a blast and made new friends. It's been tough making friends of the fellow nerds here. Part of it has to do with me never being able or not wanting to go out, and the other is probably the insular nature of the locals. I also tend to come off as bombastic, I imagine. And I wonder if that scares some folks away. Anyone who knows me knows that's I'm rather "on" in person and utterly unafraid to express myself. It's not a huge issue, really. I just sometimes wonder if I come on a bit strong, right? And this causes me to act somewhat cautious or not as excited or whatever due to politeness.

Ah, well... No accounting for psychosis.

You know, Metallica's ...And Justice for All is a goddamn brilliant album. I was in the mood to drink it in earlier and now I know why. Just amazing stuff.
Metalocalypse Rockin Like Dokken

Holy High Fiver

That last post had a good cover of Holy Diver... But how about the original mega-superterrific video?
Oh, you're welcome!

Here's another vital classic:

Of course, your life isn't complete without some MANOWAR!!!

Alright, alright-- Here's something cool and classic that's NOT metal:

Happy? Yeah, Plasticity always makes me happy.

Know what else makes me happy?
GODFLESH, naturally.

Also, be sure to watch Mothra. Feels good, no?

I guess that's six videos and not five... BUT only five are inbreded. Or something.

I sure would have liked to've seen Dethklok live.

Instead I shall live on the edge and go to bed.
Judge Dredd

Three Things

Thing One:

Drake was on the back porch earlier, which overlooks the near-by residential street. Since it was a very rainy day here and we had little planned, he got in his PJs early today. So there he is in his pajamas playing with some toys. A few minutes pass and he spots a neighbour kid, of the snotty 9 year old variety, walking by. The following transcript is completely true.

Drake: "HI! HI! HIIIIIIIIIIII!!! HI HI HI HI!!!!!!" *waving frantically*
Kid: "Oh, hi baby! You BAAAA-BEEEE!!"
Drake: *jumping up and down, grinning* "HI BABY! YOURA BABY! HI HI HI BAAAAA-BEEEE!!"
Kid: *looking confused* "But you--"
Drake: *shakes head* "No buts! Look. You're the baby. HI HI HI BABY!"
Kid: *starts to cry*
Drake: "HI BABY! Don't cry. Okay? Okay, baby? HI HI HI!"

Soon the kids younger brother ran up. He seemed rather shocked at the scene.
Younger Sibling: "Hey, he called you a baby. He called you a baby!"
Kid: *more crying* "I- I- I-..."
Me: "Er... sorry, kid."
Kid: "He won't listen!"
Drake: "Awww... BYE BABY!! BYE BYE!!! BYE NOW."
Kid: "You--"
Drake: *in a rather calm voice* "I said bye now."
Me: "Um, maybe you should come in, Drake. See ya guys... Important life lesson learned here. Take care."
Younger Sibling: "Yeah! Josh got OWNED."
Drake: "BYE!!! I LOVE YOU, BABY!!"

And the moral of the story? Drake WINS. That'll teach the local bully-kid to pick on those he deems "retarded". Drake may be autistic, but he's improving socially very nicely. We're very proud of him. :)


Thing Two:

I've never really been into Killswitch Engage... But this cover of Holy Diver is pretty neat (and oh so nerdy):


Thing Three:

New Orcusville, of course. Today's installment is called Pillock Talk. It also involves a long overdue videogame:

There we go...

Soon Orcusville shall welcome Elf and Drat. Muahahaha...
Deadpool Tacos

Morning METAL


This song takes me back to early high school. You know, a time when I really learned to hate people, even my friends. I thought all was lost and that there was no hope. My metal friends thought I was weird because I also listened to electronic music. My artsy electronic-music friends thought I was a dork because I loved rpgs and comics. My nerdy friends were frightened of me because I was a decent athlete and played sports. And don't get me started on the band people.

It did my heart well to at the time to discover Entombed did a song called Wolverine Blues.
Metal? Angry? Wolverine?

The video quality is poo on this, but it has the best sound.

Sadly, my love for Wolverine was tapped out by the time I hit 18 or 19. It was kinda rekindled by the movies and Ultimate X-Men... but yeah, I just don't like him anymore.
Metalocalypse Rockin Like Dokken


I picked up Exodus' The Atrocity Exhibition...Exhibit A very recently.

I love it. I love it very, very much.

Oh look! A video:

Ah, I do so enjoy happy music. Polka for the soul.

Honestly, the whole album is strong and each song a near masterpiece. It's great to see these old die-hards kicking ass.

See that colourful guitar solo part? Yeah, fucking take THAT Eurovision.
Metalocalypse Rockin Like Dokken

School of Rock

...and I don't mean the crappy Jack Black movie. I'd never subject my beloved progeny to that mess.

Education is important for growing children. I'm a firm believer in this.

That's why we have been listening to important contributions to music throughout the ages throughout today.

By "important contributions" I mean the first four albums from Metallica.
(Hey, I like the black album, too-- but it pales in comparison to earlier works.)

So we've been rocking out while I tell Drake and Vance of the mysterious vanishing of Metallica in the 90s, never to be seen or heard from again. What happened to them, they wondered. I gave a few theories, such as the ravages of time, the ravages of fans, giant angry fleas, and/or bad corn. But in the end, we will never know-- and the drunken circus clowns who took their place ain't talking.

Damn. Sorry. That was a nasty thing to say.
Will you circus clowns out there ever forgive me???

Anyway, Vance plays killer air guitar and chair drums. Drake thrashes with the best of them and demands a real guitar. Drake also knows a few of the songs: "Faster of the Muppets", "Leopard My Fire", "The Bell Tolling Song", "Calling Cufooloo", "Batteries!", "The Thing with the Bees", "One... Two!" and more! Yes, these are how Drake knows them. His progress with his words is amazing.

It's really awesome to be me. Probably more awesome to be them! :D

Oh, and the Orcusville plug: Just Us is Blind. There're skunk-apes to be had-- so be warned.