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Massive Epic Video PWN +7

Thanks to mskoi, I discovered THIS.

Now, it IS indeed a Discovery, just like Captain Cook discovered new cultures for us to destroy, just like Christopher Columbus discovered a land already discovered by others and helped the natives discover small pox some more. It's like Lewis and Clark discovering that there was more land to take and natives to fleece and to sacrifice stupid-ass settlers to. Much like how Ze Germans discovered that fruity uniforms do NOT add extra save modifiers vs. The Russian Winter.

It's really like discovering the HOLY DIVER video when I was young.
(And discovering a new HOLY DIVER video when I was old.)

Now THAT is a fucking discovery, kids. That's education.

Judge Dredd

Music Question

So... I heard this new band (to me, anyway) on the radio, and I swear to crap it sounds a helluva lot like Billy Idol's White Wedding. In fact, I almost thought it was a new Billy Idol track.

Can anyone help me find out who the heck this is?


Update: The band is Mobile and the song is The Killer. Thank goodness for the local radio station posting its playlist. That was a lot of youtubing through some shitty music.
Judge Dredd

Magic Missiles!

The following images were too damn good to pass up. And they're blatantly mined from that talented cad, ps238principal.

Remember, pictures chronicle human history like no other medium before*.

(*with the notable exception of Exquisite Bacon Packaging)

So, apparently Iran would like us all-- especially Joe Weenerman-- to know that they can cast Magic Missile any damn time they want. Take a look right here.

Frightening? Sure... if you think all Iran used against Iraq back in the 80s was Soviet-made paint-ball guns.

Anyhow, a new photo has surfaced... the original photo. You know, before they got some fetish-model website designer to doctor it up. Here it is.

Remember, Iran is out to eat your babies.

And this other thing is mined from all over the place. But hey, I love you and this is how I show my love:

The best mash-up of all time? You better believe it. Or else I has can cleft you in twain, f00lz!

DJs, you know what to do. Play this song until people demand to get boring all over again.
Bananas Aren't Scary


Because it just wouldn't be a good comic unless we worked in Venetian Snares into Orcusville somehow.

Yes, yes. You're welcome.

Couple other things...

That's right. Two banners. You should really read this book. It's pretty damned funny.

Yeah, that's damned funny, too. I loves me SMBC.

And don't forget to check out the ACTION! RPG over at Vorpal Gnome. It needs feedback. Seriously. Bad or good-- bring it.

Man, I really want some Stilton.
Johnny Alpha

HoL-E PuuU


I totally neglected to post up yesterday's Orcusville comic. It was important, too... 100 STRIPS! w00t!

And here's today's, called Holsome Love:

The Man-Geek night last night went until 3 or 4 am. I didn't get to bed until 5. Then I had to get to a little-kid birthday party riot at around 2.30pm today. It was a helluva  a lot of fun! I love kids. :)

Games played last night were Tannhauser, Descent and Betrayal at the House on Haunted Hill. Another game going on with some of the guys while others of us were playing Descent was Return of Heroes (w/ the Shadow of the Dragon expansion). Return of Heroes looked REALLY cool, and I hope to play it next time. Tannhauser was how we kicked off the night, and it was a slaughter-fest death-match. I ended up with a couple heads to mount in the den. Descent was a combat-fest, and the GM (the British Butcher, Bill) creamed us eventually. My orc guy was a total axe-swinging unstoppable maelstrom of violence-- but the other dudes, bless them, kept getting pwned. Bill liked focusing on them... evil, evil man. Betrayal at the House on Haunted Hill was surprisingly fun! Great game, and I hope to play it again. It has a "build as you go" aspect that's very much like Zombies!!, and there are some really messed up and freaky scenarios to play through.

One cool thing about the game-night was the fact we had 3 Canadians, 2 Brits, 1 Aussie and 1 American in attendance. We decided that if the Germans attacked we'd be prepared.

All in all, I had a blast and made new friends. It's been tough making friends of the fellow nerds here. Part of it has to do with me never being able or not wanting to go out, and the other is probably the insular nature of the locals. I also tend to come off as bombastic, I imagine. And I wonder if that scares some folks away. Anyone who knows me knows that's I'm rather "on" in person and utterly unafraid to express myself. It's not a huge issue, really. I just sometimes wonder if I come on a bit strong, right? And this causes me to act somewhat cautious or not as excited or whatever due to politeness.

Ah, well... No accounting for psychosis.

You know, Metallica's ...And Justice for All is a goddamn brilliant album. I was in the mood to drink it in earlier and now I know why. Just amazing stuff.
Metalocalypse Rockin Like Dokken

Holy High Fiver

That last post had a good cover of Holy Diver... But how about the original mega-superterrific video?
Oh, you're welcome!

Here's another vital classic:

Of course, your life isn't complete without some MANOWAR!!!

Alright, alright-- Here's something cool and classic that's NOT metal:

Happy? Yeah, Plasticity always makes me happy.

Know what else makes me happy?
GODFLESH, naturally.

Also, be sure to watch Mothra. Feels good, no?

I guess that's six videos and not five... BUT only five are inbreded. Or something.

I sure would have liked to've seen Dethklok live.

Instead I shall live on the edge and go to bed.
Judge Dredd

Okay, you bastards...

Here are some links... TO THINGS.

- First up, new Orcusville: VX SCARF ATTACK. Hey, we couldn't help ourselves here. Some things that people freak out about are just stupid. A goddamn scarf? Come on. I dare anyone to comment and explain how they aren't crazy by believing what Rachel Ray wore was a "terrorist scarf".

- Unless you think paisley scarfs are a Terror in and of themselves. Then you will totally pwn me... I have no defense. For there is none.

- Plus Orcus is sensitive to the cold.

- I hearby officially rename Michelle Malkin to Michelle Munchkin. And no, I don't mean Oz munchkins.

- Moving on.

- Artist Chris Moreno did some funny-ass webcomics. Read Dysfunctionanimals here. In fact, here's one for you:

- I need some of you to help me whip Chris so he does some more!

- Look! BABY OTTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Thanks to dj_stitch  for this awesome ball of cuteness!!)

- "A US Defense contractor has mistakenly identified a screenshot from the upcoming Fallout 3 role-playing adventure as an al Qaeda-created graphic."


- The band Cyanotic has a new compilation album coming out, called Gears Gone Wild. Looks cool, has some cool acts, AND it has one of the best album covers EVAR:

Click on the above image for more info.

- Reinstalled Planescape with the new mods... could it be even more fun now? Granted, I really won't have time to play it.

- I need to see John Rambo. It sounds like the perfect comedy-romance film for me.

- Evile and Warbringer are two new fave bands. Yowza!

That's it.

I'm hungry.
Deadpool Tacos

Morning METAL


This song takes me back to early high school. You know, a time when I really learned to hate people, even my friends. I thought all was lost and that there was no hope. My metal friends thought I was weird because I also listened to electronic music. My artsy electronic-music friends thought I was a dork because I loved rpgs and comics. My nerdy friends were frightened of me because I was a decent athlete and played sports. And don't get me started on the band people.

It did my heart well to at the time to discover Entombed did a song called Wolverine Blues.
Metal? Angry? Wolverine?

The video quality is poo on this, but it has the best sound.

Sadly, my love for Wolverine was tapped out by the time I hit 18 or 19. It was kinda rekindled by the movies and Ultimate X-Men... but yeah, I just don't like him anymore.
Metalocalypse Rockin Like Dokken


I picked up Exodus' The Atrocity Exhibition...Exhibit A very recently.

I love it. I love it very, very much.

Oh look! A video:

Ah, I do so enjoy happy music. Polka for the soul.

Honestly, the whole album is strong and each song a near masterpiece. It's great to see these old die-hards kicking ass.

See that colourful guitar solo part? Yeah, fucking take THAT Eurovision.