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Judge Dredd

Because it has to be said.

Occasionally I like to have my Stick of Hate (plus a few pounds) self look at the current US political climate and take notes. Here are just some...
Note for those who don't know me: I am an American citizen who votes. You know, just in case you think I'm canadian and should shut the fuck up based on that notion.

The following works like this: I present the result first, and then the factors second as a list-- well, you'll get it.

Result: You are a fucking idiot.

Factors: If...

- You watched the movie Expelled and thought it was a good and reasoned documentary.

- You think Obama is a Nazi or anything like Adolf Hitler.

- You bring firearms to a public demonstration and take issue with people saying that you should be locked up / suppressed. (See comment section below for a nice, slightly modified version of this!)

- You hold the "Founding Fathers" in a godlike regard and think that rich white men who wanted to rule their own country in the later 18th century are absolutely infallible and everything they said is the "word of Gawd".

- You think Obama is a tyrant and plans to subjugate the American people under his mighty black boot heel (which has a goldfish living inside it, naturally).

- You think Canada is a socialist or communist nation.

- You believe that Obama should show his birth certificate. (This counts double, by the way.)

- You believe the moon landing was hoaxed.

- You think the Earth is 6000 years old.

- You believe that Christianity needs people to "stand up" for it. (Worth triple if you think Christianity is threatened in any way, or that Christians are oppressed.)

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Judge Dredd

YAY! And Other Stuff

Some things:

+ First: YAY!

+ I'm quite happy to see a non-silverspooned non-oldwhiteguy moderate in the executive chair of the US. Are our feudal master/servant days over? No. But it's a nice start, kids.

+ Of course, this all got started centuries ago. It's good to see feudalism in its death throes, however. That's the start I mean.

+ Now on to things that bug me.

+ It's sad to see CA vote yes on Prop 8. It has to be said: I wonder if that has to do with the massively high African-American vote this time around...? See, whether we want to admit it or not, one can't help but notice that the many openly anti-gay people running around out there tend to be minorities. Just saying. And I could be wrong.

+ Fuck, I hope I'm wrong.

+ Dear America, Canada is not a socialist nation. Not one bit. In fact, it's less socialist than the US the last 8 years. Most things are privatized here and the tax-collection here is infrastructured by Hewlett-Packard for fuck's sake. There are some downsides to that, like having the parks privatized is probably not such a good thing. (Privatized and overseen by the govt.) Health care is also awesome and very non-socialist here. Sorry if yours SUCKS SERIOUS ASS.

+ Not that socialism is bad. Most "isms" are good when thrown into the Greater Pot of Societal Good. Remember: It is the hybrid which survives best in nature.

+ And stop saying Obama is a socialist. He's one of the most conservative Dems I've seen. He's a centrist and a moderte. Just say "motherfucker" or "nigger" like you want to. Why lie? Just because someone make more sense than you in a political light does not make them a "commie". Pull that head out of your ass, jump into the time-machine and join us in 2008, you sillies. And don't worry, Doc Who is cool with that time-machine. Plus, I hear he has cupcakes!

+ I know if you didn't vote for Obama it doesn't make you a "racist". But many people did vote against him because they thought we "are not ready for a black president". To them I say "listen to more Public Enemy, you fucking retards".

+ No, McCain is still a piece of shit. Always has been, always will be. I won't let his nicey nice "I am Lose" speech that anyone coulda done with a good speech-writer sway me there. His past speaks for itself. He's a punk. Good riddance. The GOP could have done much better than McPalin. You guys should hang your heads in shame for trying to pass that... thing off on the American people.

+ Thank fucking fuck Palin is done. THANK YOU PALIN-JESUS FOR FORSAKING HER. She is the milk-carton face of our loss-of-rights. Just remember that.

+ I'd love to see a strong 3rd or 4th party in the US. I'd join the one comprised of old Libertarians like myself (not these new jackbooted thugs... WTF!?), moderate Dems and socially progressive Republicans (I bet those folks feel ashamed in general-- hey, I feel your Ike love; I'm down).

+ That said? Obama is the American Dream made flesh. Even if he is to "Carter it", it's still better than the administration McCain was going to hand us. Maybe the GOP will break up like it should in the meantime, and form around a more moderate base. Obama represents the best of us, and also all of us at the same time. It's nice to be American for once.

+ One thing I'd like to point oot: Obama winning means some grumbling from neo-cons and some folks who voted for McCain because they didn't want to follow the generational pack (too bad Perot wasn't around, eh?). If McCain had won, I think there would have been riots. That says something. That says a lot of something. In a way, Obama is already very good for this country. Er, your country. OUR country. This country is Canada, though.

+ Also, other countries like us again. Isolationism is fucking stupid in this day and age. We need a good public face in order to stimulate better relations and trade with our global neighbours. Also, also, Obama speaks very well. What a nice change.

+ Hey, at least with McCain we got to see someone more horrifying that George W. Bush. I'll take a drunk frat-boy over an evil knife-laddering bastard any day.

+ One thing I'm sick of seeing around is how America has the best and only system like it in the world, as if everyone else lives in caves and has trials by combat for their leadership positions. Look, dumbasses who said that, we have an overglorified and overextended Pro Wrestling match. That's it. It's mostly a joke, but sometimes we get Wins like last night. But many other countries have governmental systems like ours which work *GASP* better. Oh noes! Food for thought.

+ Now where's my news on Paris Hilton, dammit???

+ Sad news: Michael Crichton has died, I've heard. Awww, suck. I was highly critical of him, but I did like a few of his books. Sphere, Timeline and Rising Sun were all excellent reads. Love him or hate him, he'll be missed.

+ I'm sure I could ramble on and on, but I have to stop this post sometime. Wish I coulda been in Seattle for the festivities! Bet it was AWESOME. :)
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Judge Dredd

The Post of Posting +2!

I have all these tabs in my browser to remind me of stuff... so I'd best just link to them, post them, love them and all sorts of the Usual Shite.

- Bill Maher's Religulous trailer:

Looks like it will be a blast!

- Thanks to domichan, I about pooped myself laughing last night. "Ever try to pick up a girl, then you find out she has a boyfriend? Watch and learn how to handle various situations like that in this video." Bad language warning for those of you with kids around, or are trying to look like you are doing something meaningful at work.

I like how "cunt" is bleeped out, but not "fuck". I think people who find cunt more offensive than fuck to be rather silly. Are you offended when I say cunt? If yes, then you are silly. See? Logic FTW.

- Someone should start a band called The See You Next Tuesdays. I would buy an album by them, I don't care what kind of music it would be. The name alone would be wonderful.

- Needcoffee.com proves its usefulness yet again by providing us undeserving masses A Short History of the Quest for Elfquest; as in the making of an Elfquest film. Of course, there is new news to be had on a project I, and many others, hope to see on the Big Screen one day. Let's just also hope it doesn't end up like, say, Dragonfuckinglancepukefest. Thanks for the write-up, Widgett. You rule. :)

- I came across a great, yet simple game for all of us old-school computer rpgers out there. It's called Eschalon: Book 1. Go ahead, download the demo and take it for a spin! It's very small. Big thanks to Rick Moscatello, who wrote about it in the latest Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine (#140). Without reading KoDT, I may not have heard of this little gem.

- Grimly fun article: Dying to Get Cheaper as Malta Ends Hearse Cartel. Speaking of Malta, a new friend I'm gaming with is full Maltese (though from Australia, as his folks moved there). He is the first Maltese person I have become friends with, I think... Malta is someplace I would love to travel to with my family, because of its rich history. Knights of Malta, anyone?

- Oooo! Max Payne movie trailer! Thanks, bittergourd! Did you know I knew someone once named "Max Payne"? Too bad his sister was a giant bag of suck.

- While trying to show someone images of
Sláine, I ran across this page. Three great posters I feel I need. I guess I'd put them up in my workout area... But look at them! Judge Dredd, Sláine, and a 2000 AD montage. Brilliant.

- Sharon recently brought home Choice's Russian Caravan Tea. Holy shit, is it terrible! First off, it smells like something is burning mixed with wet cigarettes. I guess it might be okay as camping tea. Maybe. But if this is what any czar liked, then maybe it's best the Russian Royal Family was wiped out. Seriously. It is certainly the boldest of the horrible teas I've been subjected to.

- I'm going to be really proud of the new Orcusville today, mainly because black_happy is busting his hump in the Strip Mine honing a truly remarkable being: Laymur the Lemurian. Oh, yeah. He's bad-ass. And he kills people. You'll see.

- Speaking of black_happy, he writes up an excellent take on how Obama is being skewed by the media, and how the media like to lie to you. I have to admit, people freaking out because Obama has turned out to be, you know, a politician (GASP!!), is pretty fucking funny. Also? He really isn't that bad, and a far-cry better than that motherfucker called McCain. And people still support Nader? Really? Man, that guy is a fucking trainwreck politically. I can understand if some folks I know want to be cool and hip-- but Nader is not the way to go. Furthermore, the faux-election process we have in the States doesn't work like an ASB election. Sorry. I agree about wanting to vote for a third party candidate, but in today's American politics, it's just not going to happen (you know, your ideal electoral reality) for the Royal Election (I'll have to go off sometime about how I feel most Americans just want a monarchy). Elect third-party people LOCALLY. That's where your political opinion REALLY matters. Obama makes a nice spokesman, and he doesn't strike me a completely corrupt (like, say, McCain or Clinton; or a pathetic ego-maniac like Nader or Ron Paul). But hey, different strokes for different asshole Americans-- and I'm no different.

- Oh, and what's up with Jesse Jackson being in the news? When did we start caring again what he thinks? I'm just waiting for him and Al Sharpton to start the Rainbow Church of Money anytime now. Don't worry, Mr. Jackson, you'll get a gold-plated limo, too.

- Conan the Cimmerian #0 is made of 100% pure ass-kickery. It's only a buck, so go pick it up.

That's a lot of stuff. And there's more, but time has fled from me somewhat. I'd like to give props to those of you who are awesome. Stay awesome, okay?
Bananas Aren't Scary

Yeah, yeah... I'm here.

Okay, I got violently ill with a flu or something (maybe something bacterial?) monday night, and I still feel like shit-- but not like boiled ass drowned in shit. So that's good. I guess.

What sucked is I became sick while Scott and Juana were here. Thanks to them for taking care of me a bit when Sharon was called into work.

Anyway, enough of that. here are some things of interest, I guess.

- First up, do know that many people who play video games are indeed fucking retarded. So don't look at the comments on the place I'm linking to. Okay? Promise? I'm telling you, they will just piss you off to no end. Here's an article talking about McCain using the Medal of Honor: European Assault score as a part of his advert-wank campaign. Right. And the composer is pissed because he's an Obama man. Right right. Know what irks me? None of these rocket scientists in the fucking comments noticed the following irony (or whatever): McCain says "Only a fool or a fraud talks tough or romantically about war". Got that? Read it again. Let it sink in. Now add the fact that he's using the score of a (ahem) VIDEO GAME ABOUT PLAYING UR DUDES KILLING BASES OF DOODS IN WW2. In other words: McCain proves yet again, this time in a small way, that's he's just a piece of shit who's only claim to fame is that he can be shot down by Southeast Asian folks with the best of them. A feat I'm sure is hard to achieve, right? He musta had to work really hard to earn that. (In fact, he did! It's tough to be a pilot! Which is something I will even give the King Bushes credit for; the Elder One more so-- dive-bombing is serious biness, kids).

- Don't flip me shit. Dude was shot down and captured-- which doesn't qualify him to be in political office in any way, shape or form. So let's look at his other... ugh. Lame. Dude's lame. It was a rough gig in 'Nam for him, yeah. But I bet he was still glad he wasn't infantry. Or a regular "nobody" pilot.

- Enough political yibber yabber. They're all fuckers. Obama is just the one least likely to make me want to cleanse myself with fire after voting for them.

- This happened practically outside my door. Glad everyone lived. Drake got a great show... There were over a dozen emergency vehicles of all kinds. Road is still closed off.

- Someone here posted this choice quote from author Terry Goodkind:

"First of all, I don’t write fantasy. I write stories that have important human themes. They have elements of romance, history, adventure, mystery and philosophy. Most fantasy is one-dimensional. It’s either about magic or a world-building. I don’t do either.

And in most fantasy magic is a mystical element. In my books fantasy is a metaphysical reality that behaves according to its own laws of identity.

Because most fantasy is about world-building and magic, a lot of it is plotless and has no story. My primary interest is in telling stories that are fun to read and make people think. That puts my books in a genre all their own."

My first question: Does Mr. Goodkind have an industrial band? Industrial fans will know what I mean, especially if you are familiar with the whole "We're not Industrial" bullshit made popular in the 90s.

Also: Goodkind, based on this quote, you're a douche. I don't read your books anyway. The only person I know who does is an ex who would probably be better off getting a brain transplant from a half-dead, partially mentally deranged seal. And that's being the good kind of kind. GET IT?

- Yes, yes. Moving on.

- Microwaves blowing shit up. Watch and learn kids!

- Here's a classic: Spellcasting 101. Learn magic! Just like the kind (the D&D kind!) churches warn you about!!1 You rule, Bill.

- 2 Videos you MUST see, especially if you live in the US (though it may work for Canadians, too). Part One is here. Just find Part two from there. The moral of the story? Never, EVER talk to the cops. Keep your goddamned mouth shut. Even if you're innocent.

- Jason is a man. He's a man who does a great webcomic. It's called Hellbent...and for a small price, you can even be in it. Yes! That's right-- YOU!! You who nobody except maybe your mom (and me, of course) cares about. Go to Hellbent and find out how you can be immortalised FOREVER (or something). Plus, you will be supporting the arts. You like art, don't you???

- And let's get caught up on Orcusville, shall we?
Love Under Pain
By Any Other Name

- Free RPG Day is this Saturday! I get more excited about this than Free Comic Book Day, honestly. (Not that I hate FCBD or anything!) Find out if your friendly local shop is participating. Mine is. HUZZAH! Free dice, minis and other RPG stuff? Nine levels of Hells Yeah.

- Holy crap I'm babbling on, aren't I. I also picked up the third expansion to Munchkin. It's nice. I got to play a game of Cthulhu Munchkin before it took off with it's daddy, Scott. Great game. Will be buying it soon.

- Oh, and the new Blood Bowl comic is pretty good... but I dunno about the art. It's almost too "artsy-euro" for my tastes, if that makes sense. Nothin' against the artist personally, but it really distracted from Forbeck's excellent handling of Nuffle's Sport. And wow, take a look at that new Boom site. Nice.

Oof... enough for me here. Being sick and run down has been sucky. It also fouls my mood. Did you know there's a street here called Foul Bay? Whenever we're on it, I always call it Lord Foul's Bay. Heh.

I must be sick.

Note: Shouts out to the various people I nicked links from. wire_mother is one, but I'm so fuzzy headed... well... yeah. Excuses, excuses, I know.
Johnny Alpha

As if nine billion kinds of awesome screamed into the void...

Arthur C. Clarke is a larger-than-life hero to me. In some strange way, he was not unlike a surrogate literary father I had never met. I owe much of my formative years to three people: My father, Gary Gygax, and Clarke. If my dad dies anytime soon, I'll totally freak out! Sure, there are others who helped shape and temper my imagination into a lethal chain-axe type of weapon, but these guy were some of the most influential. I guess George Lucas and Gene Roddenberry should be added to the list, too, now that I think on it. And more, and more, and more...

When I was young, my father made sure that I read and watched the following: Star Trek, Star Wars, Dune and anything by Arthur C. Clarke and Ray Bradbury. These things made me into who I am today. Sadly, Dad wasn't really into fantasy, so I had to discover that stuff on my own for the most part (starting with Elfquest, D&D, Tolkien, Weird Tales, Fritz Lieber, King Arthur stories, and Conan stories and comics, if you are curious). Anyhow, yeah, all a big deal to me.

This all boils down into today's Orcusville, where Lord Orcus cobbled together a tribute to Arthur C. Clarke with Star Frontiers and some other bits (like Gygax) in the commentary. Yes, he was very tempted to do something like "My God! It's full of stats!" (but that would be for a Rolemaster or Traveler game, yeah?) or use "Open the pod bay doors, Nergal" (which it was still kinda fit in with EGG... you'll see).
Some of you will get it, and some of you will slowly blink in confusion. Doctor A. Thoth has never looked so good: ALL THESE DICE ARE YOURS

On a personal note, the title is inspired by my favorite lines from any Clarke book ever. In the novel 2010, it marked an amazing point in the story. I also still have the 2001 and 2010 Star Frontiers supplements, in case you are wondering.

Here are some other things on my mind and items for your personal enjoyment I've mined from various sources:

- The Nine Billion Names of God. A Clarke short story everyone must read at some point. I read it long ago, and it's nice to see it freely available online.

- Freedom in an Owned World: Warhammer Fiction and the Interzone Generation. This is a very long but excellent write-up on how the Warhammer novels were developed (up until about 2002).

- The 13 Best Electronic Versions of Dungeons & Dragons. I remember all the old things listed, especially dnd and Pool of Radiance. Sharon and I have been discussing the overhead projector thing again recently. The extension we're going to build (a fancy solarium) will probably have that set-up in it. Sure, the list isn't perfect, but it's well done. Neverwinter Nights and Baldur's Gate go without saying. My quibble is with the DDO entry... It was a worthy attempt, but I dunno if I'd pace it on a "best of" list. Maybe I'm just bitter because I couldn't solo when I wanted. Or maybe I just didn't want to play in Eberron (a fun world, to be sure; but they should have went with something else-- and had open outdoor environments right off the bat; no one wants to play in a city the whole time). Second Life is a new one to me, as I've never played it. Sounds pretty cool what they have going in there, though.

- The Quiet Earth has its flaws, but it's still one of the better sci-fi movies made in the 80s-- perhaps ever. Watch it if you haven't already.

- Saw Hitman. You know, it was really fun. It got slagged by critics, and yeah, The Organization seems kinda silly (their killers are easy to spot), but it was visually stunning without sucking it up like Ultraviolet. I would love to see the original version that was rejected (for length and violence, I believe). If you like to eat Teh Popcorn and watch fun action films, you can't go wrong with this. Edited to add: I have to say that Timothy Olyphant reminds me of a young Clint Eastwood. The way he talks, walks, is. If any Eastwood films are redone, like the Man With No Name flicks or the Dirty Harry movies (plz???), this is the guy who should play the younger version of the greatest American actor in History.

- Political Opining: I don't understand when people say there's no difference between Obama and Clinton. She was a corporate lawyer who sucked money down like a fiscal vampire for most of her life (and still does), and probably has less XP than Obama in the pure political arena. Being married to the President doesn't count. When your car breaks down, do you go to someone who says "Well, my spouse, the mechanic, isn't around. I'm not a mechanic, but I figure I'll know something... of course, it will cost you the same"? No. She's a greedy, corporate stooge (and there is no disputing that; she wears it on her wanna-be diva sleeves), who is in bed more with lobbyists than with Bill, probably. They even run her campaign. As Andrew Sullivan put it: "She's Dick Cheney in a pantsuit." A brilliant observation, by the way. Obama is no saint, yeah, and we can come up with all sorts of things about him-- politicians are ALL scum, after all-- but compared to Hillary Clinton? No contest in the bid for Top Scumbag. And frankly, seeing intelligent friends of mine say "oh, they're the same" really, really worries me. They're not. Not by any stretch of the vivid imagination. To think otherwise is folly. Pure folly. What bothers me is that I have to pick the person who's the Least Evil. Shop as usual, and avoid panic buying.

- Speaking of folly, I've been reading the book Arrogant Armies. The passage on General George Pomeroy-Colley was delightful. For a bunch of redneck racists, the Boers sure beat the pants off of the British. It's a great book that covers many military disasters over the last 200 years. Worth reading, so check it oot.

- A small insect just flew up into my sinus cavity. Huzzah, Spring is here!

Man, this entry took a total of two hours off and on to put together. Such is my busy existence. If you read all of the above, congratulations: you are a bored human being.

Flash Gordon Internetz??

Other Things...

I have a few moments... so on to some other things I have on my mind...

- Political thought: Calling John McCain a "war hero" would be like me being prison-raped and then saying I'm an expert on Women's Rights. Though I have respect for the man in regards to what he went through, the fact is he's no hero. Not in any case. A tough dude who made the best of a shitty situation? Sure. But it doesn't qualify him for political office. Neither does being a war hero (just look at Bush the First). Then again, being a spoiled, rich motherfucker shouldn't qualify one to hold office in a "free country"-- and take a good hard look at reality.

- On reality: Reality is a bag of shit.

- I discovered very recently that The Colour of Magic has been made into a UK TV event (thanks parkcooper!). YES! I love Discworld. Yeah, yeah, big surprise, I know.

- I'm not an egg anymore. Thank you, Backyardigans.

- "Another webcomic, Steve?" Guess we'll have to wait and see. But if it works out, it should be awesome. :)

- I can be a giant flake. Yeah, yeah, another big surprise. I blame Communism. And ice cream.

- Damn delicious, evasive ice cream.

- I'm always amused by my friends (or rather, people who've known me for a long time; in some cases friends and in others more like valued and friendly acquaintances) that either a) are surprised I live in Canada (yet they are my lj friends... hmmm), or b) they think I'm Canadian. Guess they didn't pay attention when they sat there "listening" to me back in Seattle. I was talking to someone earlier today that was like "Oh, you're in Canada? Really?" followed by "You're not Canadian?" Sigh.
(No, it doesn't make me mad... It just reminds me that people aren't as detail crazy as I am, or that people don't really pay attention to my life... You should! I pay attention to yours, usually... But I'm a freak for detail... hehehe)

- In contrast to the earlier point, I'm always amazed by just how much people who hate me know about me. Or think they do, anyway. I'm still delighted that people take the time to hate me. Me? Really? Sweet! Thanks! If you're ever around and you can recognise me, I'll buy you a beer. Free beer from the guy you hate! :D

- I've been in a foul mood. I dunno why exactly. Could be stress. I really need my punching bag back up. I like to beat the shit out of things, what can I say? I wish I had the time (and energy) to join a local football (soccer) team. Victoria is soccer mad, I tells you. And there's a sweet soccer shop right next door to my FLC&GS. No ice cream, though.

- Fuck Communism. (Show of hands who get that.)

- Damien Lewis is The Man. I cannot wait until Life is back on. Burn Notice, too.

- I already miss Carpoolers.

- First four books I notice on my bookshelf (which my desk here is built into): Armies of Pestilence, Hackmaster Player's Handbook, Hellgate London: Exodus, The Black Company Campaign Setting. Those are what I let catch my eye when I looked up.

- Big infernal thanks to mercuryeric for the pimpage!

Okay, done for now.
Hello Kitty 40k


Telepathy rules. It might even work for you! Just add orcusville_feed and find oot.

In a mega hurry here, so I'll be quick. That whole thing coming out how that "NAFTAgate" thing concerning Obama is a lie. Or something? Here's a great blog entry with the pertinent data. Enjoy, you unwashed proletariat masses.

Armchair Moralist observation for the week: I'll never understand the need to pigpile people. Ever. I guess it's the new picker-upper?
(ETA: Ha! I guess it is! I came across one on my f-list that made me laugh. Pigpiles for good, perhaps...?)

Annnd... I'm off! Hope you guys are having an awesome day. :)
Judge Dredd

Super Quick Update

Well, it's a good kinda "yeeaargh!", so no worries. And I'm still slacking on a couple things. Anyhow, here's the new Orcusville strip:

This marks the first appearance of Velia, a call-centre working, immortal Etruscan princess. I think Orcus has a little crush on her.
(Don't forget: there's orcusville_feed for your f-list! Blessed is the sweet convenience, nay?)

I've said it before, and I'll said it again: I love Matt Taaibi. His latest article, involving John "get us into WWIII, IV, and V" McCain, should be required reading. So, like, read it.

And here's a super funny comic everyone should should get a kick out of:

There's a Rust Monster on Rolie Polie Olie right now. If that's not made of Win, I don't know what is, frankly.

Myconid Ninja!

Vic & Vis on a Road Trip?

The busy. It burns.

But here's something I hope you like:

From what I understand, Lord Orcus might allow Josh extra restroom breaks for this one.

In other newsiness...

William F. Buckley died. Thoughts?
Personally I think he did have an occasional interesting insight, but he did always come of as a bit of a twat. Kinda like the less-retarded but twice as annoying Tucker Carlson. Or something. I didn't hate him, but I'm not going to shed any tears. Of course, this is the guy who said:

"The central question that emerges…is whether the White community in the South is entitled to take such measures as are necessary to prevail, politically and culturally, in areas where it does not predominate numerically? The sobering answer is Yes—the White community is so entitled because, for the time being, it is the advanced race."

I suppose one could argue that it was a pretty normal thing to say, especially considering context etc, for 1957. But yeah. That quote was stolen from this Making Light entry. Big WFB fans there, as you can no doubt tell. Can't say I blame them.

Here's a build-it-yerself board game called BLACK DEATH that looks like great fun. Sharon and I will get it, print it, assemble it, and may tell you about it-- provided we manage to do all of that in the foreseeable future.

Speaking of great fun, here's a video game which I've been wanting the time to play more of. It's Depths of Peril, and it has been described as a next step in the realm of Diablo II wannabes. Now, I've played it a little and I have to say it is quite a beefy game for only being like 150 MB. Yeah, it's pretty low-tech in many ways, but it has tonnes of cool strategy options. The covenants (factions) make for an excellent play aspect. Check it oot, y'all.

And is Ghost Rider actually a title I'll dig now (or again, since I loved it when I was wee)? I have heard that #20 makes for a Vertigo-like approach (it's like the Scalped writer or something). Hmmm... I guess I'll find out! I also need to call my FLC/GS and see that the new Dresden Files comic is put on my pull list. And I need to read Locke & Key #1. I had no idea that Joe Hill is Stephen King's kid! I should note, however, that I didn't know who Joe Hill is either.

Once again, this entry took forever (around an hour) to assemble. Back to the Busy.

Busy with my Netherdice

Man, I'm busy with all sorts of stuff today. But before I get back to suppressing the Lawn Gnome Rebellion, here are some items.

- ORCUSVILLE is now being updated with actual strips. Yup. Not just slapped together "promo things". Although, I have to admit that when I help Lord Orcus slap something together it looks... well, slapped. Tomorrow there will be a new one with Vic & Vis that I found to be rather funny. Josh is to blame for this madness.

- Speaking of Josh Wagner, he and Julio Falkenhagen's old webstrips Fiction Clemens and The After-Lifers are now archived on Orcusville. Lord Orcus is pleased, he tells me. A good thing, as I can ill afford to lose any more fingers or toes.

- Someone has already agreed to be interviewed by Lord Orcus for his blog. Heaven help us.

- Drop me a line if you'd like to see your banner up on Orcuville (we really could use a vertical banner or 3): steve (at) mediagauntlet (dot) com

- And don't forget to add the Orcusville to your LJ f-list, mortals: orcusville_feed

- When dressing Vance earlier, he said "Bitman!", because he was donning one of the Batman shirts he really likes (classic cartoon Dark Knight). "And what does Batman say?" I asked. "Hoo-hoo! Hoo-hoo!" he exclaimed. You have to understand that Vance believes Batman to be of the Strigiformes variety. I went on to explain to him that perhaps those sounds were more appropriate for this fellow. He vehemently disagreed.

- Drake's speech continues to improve. Earlier today, while I was making the Boyz breakfast, Drake was closely observing me as usual. At one point during the cooking process I said "A good meal makes for a good mind." Drake repeated me, and then I asked him if he knew what I meant by that. "That good meals make for good mind." I smiled, "And that means...?" Drake raised his hand, "Just that!" And so we high-fived. The food was excellent, by the way.

- Drake also asked if he could get some new Spider-Man stuff. That's my boy!

- Writer Cliff Meth makes a great point concerning the "news" over Obama wearing that outfit he was pictured in.

Okay, this took me 45 minutes in total at various times to complete. Like I said: Busy.

Hope you lot are having a great day!