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What a day! We got up early so the kids could go gets their shots-- and boy howdy, did they need a lot of shots. Somehow everyone who was there was scheduled for the same time, and so we had to wait. For some reason, Drake and Vance were last. What we were told to be was supposed to be 30 minutes at most turned into two hours. Drake, of course, grew bored and a bit angry. Then we we required to restrain him for the shots... Yeah, autistic kids love that. So, Drake had a wee meltdown and Vance didn't fare better. Vance sounded like he was being betrayed. Sharon was actually upset herself. The staff were very cool, but you could tell they were traumatised by Drakes and Vance's screaming, even though they said they had thick hides about that sort of thing when I good-naturedly warned them.

I guarantee you we will be first in next time. Ha!

Good times. So, in order to make the boys happy, we then left to pick up Drake's therapist and take us all out for a sweet Greek lunch. Vance and Drake were little angels the whole time and gorged themselves on some of the best fried food you can find for a hundred square miles. Then it was toy shopping time. Four new cars later we came home, and I flipped through the Schleich catalogue I picked up. In case you don't know, they do probably the best figures you can buy in toy shops. Seriously, they look better than those expensive nerd money-trap toys I see in comic/game stores.

As well as a poop-load of animals. Vance especially loves those and has 6 cows, a couple whales, camels, llamas, dogs, pigs, and a Wobbegong shark. There are more, I'm sure. And one toy I saw while flipping through the thick little booklet made me freak out and proclaim "It must be mine!":

That's right-- they make a whole line of smurfs, of which you can see here at this crazy Smurf site I found.

Schleich themselves don't have their full catalogue up, but you can see what they offer.

There's a soldier with a spear (Sentry) which I had to dig up at another site to show on here. Honestly, I think I may pick him up soon as a b-day prezzie to myself. Take a look:

Anyhow, yes, it's toy bliss for us here... I can't wait until the boys start getting into these Knights toys. Uh, you know, for the historical aspects and, er, cool things for them to play with. Naturally, I would have to pick some out for myself-- for scientific parenting reasons.

Currently the boys are hanging with two of their best friends, getting some reading time with The Shron. We're babysitting twin lads who are three years old. Yeah, it's been a fun day here alright! :D

I must be off to relax and play some Oblivion, as the kidlings are hitting the sack. Oh, and DVDs snagged for me birthday so far: Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God, Feast, The Princess Bride (20th Anniversary Widescreen Edition)

It's kinda hard to believe I'll be 33 come Wednesday.


Puttin' on the shits.

Howdy ho, time for some kung-fu Action Jackson grip time, y'all...

- Let's see, how about this one first? I was reading this bit earlier and was excited to see a Mandalore the Ultimate mini for Star Wars. but then I saw the fig. My initial finally-honed critical reaction? "BLEH." What say you?

- This one is thanks to gdgHot Toys Announces She-Predator Machiko 12″ Figure. NICE. And sexay.

- I never got a chance to see this before, but black_happy showed me the Live-Action Halo 3 light.

Where's that damned Halo movie, dammit? Damn!

- PZ Meyrs reports "It's a goddamned cracker!" Wow, that's some crazy poop. Some college student could have his life ruined because he took a spiritual biscuit? Daaaayyyuuum... ed. Dayumed. Or something. I am usually of the mind that Catholics aren't insane. But in this case, these particular Catholics are. I understand he dissed Jesus and all, but come on. COME ON. What's next? Will I get sued for being a smart-ass about how silly I feel religion is?

- And now the Orcusville front. Happy? I bet you are. Today's strip is Lemurs of Lemuria-- Hacked! with Hack weighing in. Also, the excellent site Project Fanboy is syndicating the interviews Lord Orcus does! Check it HERE. And it has its own forum HERE. Expect more interviews very soon, by the by.

Earlier today I started creating my first GURPS 4th edition character. Very cool stuff. I like the world my friend has created! It will be a nice change of pace for me, what with not being the GM.

I'm tired. Nothing new there. I really need to do something that doesn't involve sitting here. I -was- gonna make some nachos, but then I discovered we were out of chips. LAME!
Reduce - Reuse - REANIMATE

Just for pun, you see...

Some bits.

- New Orcusville. As You Pike It. Yes, I know all those damned polearms by heart.

- Predator on an Alien horse? Awesome. Just... awesome.

- Love him or hate him, Christopher Hitchens gets waterboarded and changes his opinion. Now he agrees it is TORTURE. Duh, right? Good to see him go from "it's uncomfortable interrogation" to "HOLY SHIT!!! TORTURE!!". Watch the video here.

That's it. I have things to do and stuff or something something. Cheers!
Judge Dredd

Like I needed any more encouragement!

But I came across this great review on the Conan figs I plan on getting. And what do I see, much to my wife's chagrin*? The mention of an upcoming Judge Dredd figure!

(*Sharon is of the opinion "Why get them if all you do is stare at them? What's the point? Why not just spend the money on miniatures? Hey honey, let's get that Otyugh and the box of Kobolds or Skeletons-- your choice! JUDGE DREDD? You want to get another set you're just going to stare at??? ARRGGGH!!! My husband plays with dolls.". Almost surely needless to say, Sharon and I quibble over the oddest things.)

Here, take a look at this excellent, well-written review.

And some images for you to drool over.

Click on the above images to make them bigger! Also, let me know if they mess up your f-list.
Judge Dredd


Hi there.

Today's Orcusville episode is all about Science. Evil, Evil Science.
Come on down and be Blinded by Science.

It does help if you know about some of the scariest rpgs ever made.
And no, I don't mean Chill or Call of Cthulhu. I mean SCARY.
(Really, those jokes never get old for us.)

Here are some other things I've mined from my f-list and other places:

- Will own SOON. Mmm... Conan. I don't buy action figures (or as Juana calls them, "dolls") very often. But once in a while, I have to get them.

- Concentration camps for kids. An old joke for me (because of my certainly annoying habit of making plays on words-- all. the. time). But I still got a good laugh.

- Thomas Doyle makes some of the coolest dioramas I have ever seen. Now dear friend, see for yourself!

- I guess it's really tough to click on vote buttons. Oh, well. I probably sound like a broken record to some folks. Heh.

Hmmm... I thought I had more to post, but I don't. Plus, I have stuff I need to do.

Speaking of stuff, I got Planescape: Torment to work. The widescreen mod makes it look excellent. However, now I have cursor problems with the game. Sigh.

Maybe it's time to reinstall Oblivion.
BPRD Lobster Johnson

sunday Sunday SUNDAY

Yup, still sick... But it would seem I'm just on the tail end of it now. Well, I shouldn't say that-- I might get sicker again! Yesterday was just awful. I slept half of it and was really loopy. Today I finally broke down and "took something". I tend to prefer to ride The Sick out with as little help as possible, save from hot fresh-squeezed lemon juice w/ honey, hot tea and water. But today I popped an Advil. A small one, but still. The aches and head-pain are nasty (as it has become a sinus thing now, too! Jeez). It's like having a REALLY nasty hangover. Without the previous fun, of course.

Here's to hoping I'm better tomorrow. You know, moving to a new place = more of The Sick. Couple that with the world's cutest petri dishes? Yeah. Scary! I'll live though. :)

Yesterday I got all confused about the Orcusville comic and if it was Saturday's or Sunday's. I kept switching it around time-wise. Anyhow, I'll just copy/past what I said in the last post (so that folks might catch up if they so desire):

--Sometimes people ask Lord Orcus where the heck the Orcs are in the strip. In Where the Orcs at? he responds to one of the intrepid readers. Let's just say the truth hasn't been stretched! It's just another fun day in ORCUSVILLE.

Yes, this strip was inspired by something my pal </a></b></a>davidgallaher1 said. Take care of that Troupe, man! And remember the feeding rule.

Dear god, please remember.

Don't be afraid to show Orcusville to your friends. It's only known to cause slight temporary insanity and mild blindness.--

Then! We have today's comic. I slaved away in the Strip Mine for a great deal of time* putting it together. It's Lord Orcus... in a fish. You'll just have to see in Sunday Fish Fry!

(*more than 5 minutes!)

In other news...

gdg is a real bastard. Damn evil artist-types! He's made me want and want hard. just look at these figures!:

Great movie CONAN fig.

Figures of the ORIGINAL Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

This would be a great spot to plug gdg and his art. he does commissions, people. I've always dug his style and one of these days I'm going to have to buy something from him. Check out Grant Gould HERE.

Okay, I'm off. Be good. Or bad.
If your bad, take extra bacon. It's the good thing to do.
BPRD Lobster Johnson

Post Amplifier

Good times. Good busy-times.

- My graphics tablet arrived! It's nice and shiny. Mmm... Shiny. Seems to work well so far, too (good). The only thing that has me scratching my head is the mirrored strip along the top looks... worn? Something like that. The rest of the device is obviously factory fresh. But yeah... the strip is cosmetic / useless, so it makes no difference, really. HL Technologies was incredibly helpful, and I recommend them highly if you live in Canada and want to get great prices on computer stuff and good service. A little later, we'll see what this baby can do! I already like how the pen doohicky feels.
(Update: The strip at the top was covered in -another- bit of plastic. The packaging is remarkable, even if it makes me look silly publicly...)

- Thanks to fossilapostle, I saw this blog entry. Aetheric Dynamo, eh? "Steampunk Ghostbusters" indeed, dear sir.

- Amanda Gefter over at New Scientist Blogs adds to the pwning of that sure to be silly Expelled film. I can only imagine douchebag producer Mark Mathis is loving all this attention (read this, for instance... isn't Mathis AWESEOME?). And now he has me talking about it again! You know you have arrived when SGS yaps you up, dawg.

- Speaking of that film, if you plan to see it: Plz 2 b not giving thems ur monie$. You know what I mean.

- Also, Ben Stein is a real tool. Seriously, I think he disgusts me more than that other dude from Ferris Bueller's Day Off nailed for child porn. Add all this to another actor in the film being married to the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker and you have a trifecta of tragedy in one tidy package.

- One of my all time fave action flicks of all-time is gonna have a sequel? Hells yeah. Made of win. Huzzah! I look forward to CRANK 2! (Caution! Spoilerz!)

- Mined from mercuryeric, here's my thoughts on this particular lode: Writers are no longer needed for videogames? I guess with a pedigree like Auto Assault, this man's opinion is unstoppable. Yeah. World War II Online is still around. Feel that pedigree now? Still, snark aside, it doesn't mean he knows shit-to-nothing simply because his game failed. *reads article* Nope, I don't agree with him. I can see his points, I suppose, but I disagree-- at least from my own personal view. See, I love games with excellent stories and detailed, lovingly crafted backgrounds. Sure, gameplay is essential, but there are plenty of games with great gameplay with absolutely insipid stories which totally ruin the game for me (examples abound, kids). Anyhow, to Adam Maxwell's credit, I did find the write-up interesting to read. I feel a story-writer is essential and as indispensable as the designers (well, where they are needed of course... but even Asteroids can be made a lot better with some cool flavour text). Let's face it, game designers are a talented bunch who deserve more credit than they get; but many of them write pretty bad stories in my XP. Storytellers are invaluable.

- The above bit and linked article reminds me of the long standing "war" over who is more important in comics: the writer or the artist. Of course, like the supposed gender war, it's all a bunch of bullshit hype, mostly.

- North World, Vol. 1: The Epic of Conrad  has been released as a collection by Oni Press. If you are unfamiliar with it, check it out in free webcomic form here. A tale of humorous modern fantasy, I can safely say North World is one of the neatest comics around. Don't believe me? Read what Invincible Super-Blog's Chris Sims has to say about it. If that doesn't work, I can try some paint-stripper / electro-shock "persuasion" on you.

- Rob Osborne's buddy Lord Zango is interviewed over at Comic Bloc. That wacky Zango. I think he owes Orcus money. I know he owes him a Gamma World TPK... If you haven't read The Nearly Infamous Zango, you really, really should. Go order it (or request it show up at your local shop)-- NOW.

- The new Orcusville strip is up, naturally. Pain Amplifier was delayed a bit because Orcus felt it would be in bad taste to have it unleashed within mere hours of Gygax's death. Interestingly, I came up with the idea on Lord Orcus' behalf the night before his passing. I was falling asleep and woke up with the idea, shambled over to my computer office area, and wrote it down. Timing is everything, yeah; but it sure can be weird, too.

And there you have it. For now.

Holy carp, it's a lovely day. I think I'll take the boys to one of the parks near-by.
Reduce - Reuse - REANIMATE

More Want.

If I ever get those Playmobil Romans, I figure I'll need worthy adversaries for them...

I have to say: I'm really digging the LEGO Castle collection.

Some people have all sorts of altruistic and idealistic reasons for having children, and that's fine. I'm sure I have some of those reasons, too. But I would be lying if I said that running into toy stores with my kids and going nuts with them wasn't one of the top ones.

I'm pretty sure that one day they'll grow up past me.

Hopefully there will be grandkids! :D
Judge Dredd


More HERE.

I like how in this Playmobil catalog (on my table, next to my laptop) we have here that there's "re-enact your favourite bible stories!" for Noah's Ark and on the -very- next page there's the Roman toys, complete with galleys and a gladiatorial area (with armed gladiators fighting each other / wild animals). Then there are the pages following with brutal sieges and all sorts of knightly kick-assery. There are also Union and Rebel (Confederate) troops! And a set-up with "The Indians!" jumping Union troops in a goldmine. Quite awesome. (In that oh-so-wrong way)

Of course, this is the same company that almost made Playmobil sets with Chinese Railroad Workers, Grave Robbers (I'd so buy Playmobil Grave Robbers it ain't even funny!) and a Medieval Torture Room playset (I'd buy that, too; but not for zee kids).

Regardless, I still love this crazy company. I especially love the Roman toys they have. I need this ship. Look, I'll get Drake and Vance one, too... someday.

I need all the Roman toys, really. They kick many forms of ass.
Judge Dredd

Nerd Mail Call

Good stuff came by post and courier gnome today...

Got a great big box that contained the Heroscape fortress expansion (Sharon's going to freak... She's been waiting impatiently, you see) and an Imaginext  Adventures dragon.

Then daddy got his goods.
My comics order came in...

Punisher Magazine #1 and #3
Marshal Law #1-#3
Space Beaver #2

Now,it was supposed to be Space Beaver #1. This is the second time Mile High has screwed up my order (through their Ebay store).

Hopefully, it can get worked out. I plan on keeping #2 here, anyway... Maybe they'll send me #1 for the price of #2. I don't expect miracles like Rebellion (who do 2000AD) delivers (like what they did with my shirts).

Still, it all makes me a happy dad. Drake loves that dragon!