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Judge Dredd

BEST CRPGS EVER... what are they?

Hey, fellow dorks! As you may know, GamePro recently published a top 26 Best RPGs list.

Now, their list is, by all accounts... horrible.

But whatever. That's them. We're us.

You know, the rest of reality.

My buddy marc17  has a good point about compiling a better list. And you know what? I should.

No. WE should.

That's right, WE should do it. You, me, and anyone else who wants to throw in.

You down? Cool. And the list will go on my grognerd  blog, to be linked here, of course. Commentary on your choices is welcome, as well.

Criteria is as follows: It has to be a Computer Roleplaying Game. If you pick an MMO or Action-rpg (like Diablo), you MUST justify why it belongs on this Best Of list.

I still haven't decided if it will be Top 25 or 50, but 50 will be easy if we do individual games instead of game series.

Other criteria can be established if the need arises.

There you go! Have at it. I'll start by listing off some, in no particular order:

Planescape: Torment
Fallout 2
The Bard's Tale
The Bard's tale II
Ultima III
Ultima IV
Baldur's Gate
Icewind Dale II
Neverwinter Nights
Pool of Radiance
Secret of the Silver Blades
Phantasy Star
Dwarf Fortress

Knights of the Old Republic
Freedom Force

Whew! There's more, to be sure! Have at it.

If I had to pick an MMO for the list, it would be Everquest... even though I was more of a UO guy. If you pick a very new game (like Fallout 3), be sure to back up why it should be added to the list of greats!

Oh, yeah, and I really should say this, though nothing has happened to make me-- still, it must be said: For fook's sake, please keep it civil. Be cool, and if you're not use lots of winky faces or something. I know how folks can get with this sort of thing and this is all in fun. Mmmmkay?

Let's rock.

Judge Dredd

Must I stab someone?

Look at this list of the top 26 videogame rpgs of all time.


Really? REALLY?

The Ultima series gets one entry, but the Zelda games get individual entries?
(And Ultima IX should bar anyone from saying "Ultima series" in any best-of. It's one of the worst games ever made. Absolutely terrible. Horrible. No one should ever play it. If anyone gave it a good review, they lied.)

Fallout 3 and World of Warhammer already?

World of Warcraft?

Nothing against you MMO players, but MMORPGs have no middle or end. They have no real story. Just social interactions and quests. I suppose they're rpgs, but do they rate above Planescape, which is almost not even on the list?

I'll answer that for you: NO.

Oblivion made the list and Morrowind didn't? Why not just say The Elder Scrolls series?



ETA: And no POOL OF RADIANCE? What??? No mention of any of the Gold Box games? None?)

Fuck that list. Seriously. Behold nothing GamePro, you fucking suck nads.

And don't give me that crap that it's all opinion and whatever. Thing is, if you are going to make a crpg best-of list and not include NWN, then you have no business doing such a thing.

I agree with a couple of their choices, however. But according to whatever lame criteria they must have used, Pirates!, The Sims and Civilzation must be rpgs, too.

Come on, Diablo II is on there but Neverwinter Nights isn't????!!!!!


(Also, no Geneforge or Shadowrun on there. Shame. SHAME!)


(Well, I guess their retardation will get them hits. They must be hard up.)
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Hello Kitty 40k

Some things from right here in the grim, dark future.

Hi there. Insert a joke about me with your marmoset >here<.

- Looks like Canada is gonna be stuck with me. I'm told to apologise to you Canuckistanis out there. It was only a matter of time, really. Yeah, it's nice here.

- Really nice.

- Cracked.com nails my thoughts on Twitter. Sure, I understand the micro-blogging thing, but if I tried it you'd see maybe a 3 word post from me a week. Maybe. And we just can't have that. I have people to annoy. Seriously. If you do Twitter: neat. But I doubt I'll ever get on board. I guess maybe to look cool "shouting out" to industry folks-- you know, those bastards who want my +5 Pop-Tarts.

- Have I mentioned I'm lazy/scatterbrained? So I have no idea what you are talking about right now. What was that? Really? Kittens AND peanut butter? Okay, sounds good.

- Dear Russian friends: I really like those of you on my f-list, but my Cyrillic reading sucks serious major ass. I try, though; and there are always online translators to help out. But if you don't know me and add me on here, drop me a line... because your lj is all Greek to me.

- Except I can read Greek.

- Mostly.

- Speaking of Greek, I had to get a couple more trades of Rex Mundi right away. Reading this series gives me the same feeling I had when I read the first trade of Astro City. The only difference is that it's lasted for four trades. One thing I've noticed is the trades of Rex Mundi are a sharp improvement over the "floppies". They're not riddled with notes referring to previous issues and the website which really must've messed up the immersion value. Plus the trades have all sorts of goodies.

- I like Rex Mundi so much that I convinced Lord Orcus I should create a Rex Mundi-based strip for Orcusville. Take a look at Et In Tartarus Ego.

- Soon I will start reading some of The Red Star.

- Oh yeah, I'm adding this after the posting fact. Valerie of Occasional Superheroine fame is going to be writing a Cloak & Dagger series for Marvel comics. That's pretty goddamned awesome, if you ask me (and you must have). Read about it more here. I'm not exactly a huge fan of superhero comics, and Cloak & Dagger was always something that was usually "eh" to me. However, I think Val is pretty rad, and so I'll check this series out when it hits stands. Because you know it will be good.

- You may have seen this, you may have not: The Historic tale Construction Kit. That's right, you can now construct your own Bayeux Tapestry.

- One of you jerks pointed me in the direction of Transcendence. Let's see if this game is as good and addictive as I'm told. I'm pretty buried in history, fantasy, and pulp at the moment, so a space-based game might be just what I need.

- Another thing I dug up...from someone. Damned memory. Anyway, it's the "original D&D comics" by Bill Willingham. You may know him as "that dude who created Fables, one of the greatest comics ever, uhm, created". I remember these ads. This makes me like Mr. Willingham even more. Is that even possible??

- Okay, you've made it this far. Anyone interested in an online game-group playing Warhammer 40k: Dark Heresy? Two parties are interested so far. Speak up. I'd really like to see this game not fall to the galactic wayside. :P

That's it. Why are you still reading this? Get back to your lives, dammit! You have seals to save or something.
Punisher &amp; Deadpool

Now that's more like it.

New Punisher: War Zone red band trailer...
(contains violence and such)

I heard something about them replacing the soundtrack with metal. Good. I think I also heard some stuff about some things with the movie being changed or something with the director or something something.

But hey, Jigsaw looks rad.

And lots of people get shot in the face.

Saw the new Batman last night. Really good film... More on it later. However, I must say it's not the Second Coming like many folks are claiming. Nor should it be an Oscar contender. Then again, The Departed got an Oscar over Children of Men, so fuck it. Doesn't matter. Ledger was awesome. Two Face doesn't suck. Batman's voice isn't cut out for long filmic screeds. Sharon and I decided we'll probably enjoy Hellboy 2 more. We're just bigger Hellboy fans, is all.

I think I'll reinstall Baldur's Gate II.
Salvus UDO


Lately I've just been falling asleep at the drop of a hat. For instance, around 9 or so last night I took a shower and meant to read with The Shron in bed (that's how we roll, yo), and I get out, lay down, and next thing I know it's 7am. WTF?

Anyhow, it's nice to get some rest, that's for sure.

In other news, these things I need to clear out of my tabs here on FF...

From Craigslist, bastion of sanity and hope-mill of Mankind springing eternal: Your Pets will not be Flagged for Removal During the Rapture. Good to know! And now there's someone to take care of your pets after all you good neo-Xians are gone to Shangri-La or a strip joint or a men's washroom at the spiritual thingy-place. The awesome part? It's only a $50 downpayment. Shit, that's like 20 Canadian bucks or 3 Euros!
(Thanks to acefrehleyfor this one.)

Gamer thing of Interest: Louis Porter Jr. Design gives us a "4th Edition Compatible" logo. Pretty smart. And it's free.

E3 might have been an anti-spectacular dud this year, but there was a lot of good news. One item that seems good at first kinda rubs me the wrong way once I thought about it a bit. BioWare will be doing a Knights of the Old Republic MMORPG. KOTOR MMO? Hm, sounds awesome at first-- but then I mumbled "No KOTOR 3 then? Fuck." Why do a KOTOR MMO? The Star Wars MMO is out blowing gamers for cash or something these days. And now EA/BioWare are confident that yet ANOTHER MMO game is the answer (granted, it's not an epic Sony Online fucktarded fuck-up this time)... and it's branded "KOTOR"? Hey, if you like those boring-ass, grind-heavy, super-lame MMOs, that's cool. I keep trying, but to no avail. I always get bored with them. Just when I think I'm loving it (Dungeon Runners, for instance), I just sigh and say "this sucks ass, I could be brushing my teeth for more relevant XP". And hey, Dungeon Runners is great-- but I don't think MMOs are for me (at least not yet). Anyhow, KOTOR MMO? Lame. Thoughts?

Speaking of MMOs and such, I did discover one I might be interested in taking out for a spin. Just when it was put on hiatus! DAMN. I hope I get a chance to check out Mythos eventually. Sigh.

I've been plonking away at the first installment of Total Party Kill for Comics Waiting Room. I like this every-two-weeks schedule. No pressure, especially when I have other things I'm needing to focus on. I feel bad that I couldn't do TPK for the excellent Weekly Geek (who are looking for writers, btw), but the blogging thing just didn't work out for me (yeah, I suck). Unsurprisingly, TPK is mostly rambling stream-of-consciousness crap from Yours Truly somewhat structured into different sections. Breaks down into Intro; RPG gaming stuff, where I yabble about rp games and such; "Arbitrary Random Idea Generator", where I give at least one good source for crazy ideas and inspiration; and "Short Uncontrolled Bursts", where I briefly talk about some comics I think will appeal to fellow gamer-nerds. I might go a little more in detail for "The Spotlight of the Fortnight" (i.e. my fave pick). The first installment is somewhat lengthy, though that's no indication of how long each installment will be. Items covered: Red Sonja, The Helm, Conan, Wolfskin comics and more; the new Traveller, Chaosium's Basic RPG, getting back into GURPS, the Starblazer RPG preview and more. Um, don't expect high detail. I'll try to get some good commentary in, but I only have some much space. Sometimes it might be "Yeah, this looks really neat!", though I'll try to be more interesting than that. Of course, suggestions and ideas are most welcome! :)

Annnnnd that's about it for now. Don't forget to add orcusville_feed to your friends-list if you haven't already, and make sure to VOTE for Lord Orcus and his pals on the main page of Orcusville. Thanks!!

And yes, I sure wish I could be at SDCC this year, but buying this nice house and keeping up my lifestyle of hookers and blow came first. Maybe next time around...
Cthulhu roolz joo

Madness? Sure. Maybe.

Holy Crap, I just saw the SALVUS* pin-up I asked for, in its full-colour glory, and I have to say: I'm really goddamned impressed. I will most certainly share it soon.

(*SALVUS is the historical adventure-fantasy comic I'm writing with Josh Wagner.)

Anyway, Orcusville appears completely overrun in OUT. OF. CONTROL.:

You are quite welcome, idsharman. ;)

Some other things...

Watchmen trailer? Do I even need to link to it? Nah. Honestly, though I will agree it's one of the most groundbreaking and monumental comics ever, I re-read it (again) not all that long ago and I found it rather uninteresting. Or not as interesting as I once found it, I mean. I don't think it aged all that well, especially when compared to other things (other things it influenced). And hey, put down those pitchforks and torches-- I'm allowed to say it. That all said, I think the movie should kick much ass.

Okay, fine, HERE.

Am I the only one who thinks what I do about Watchmen, and are there any of you who (GASP!!) dislike or hate the seminal funny-book? Share yer thoughts, y'all.

More importantly... DRAGON AGE GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE!!!

Why yes, I would like Baldur's Gate 3, please. Thank you.

The new King's Bounty game looks cool, too.

Remember that German Warhammer 40,000 fan film DAMNATUS? Well, you will probably never get to see it. But that hasn't stopped the same film-makers from producing a Lovecraftian flick called Die Farbe. Sweet.

Today I read a lot about Ancient Thebes. The Hellenic one. Just thought you should know.

Picked up the new Mongoose Traveller game. Though pricey, it's quite good. Probably the best space game on the market, along with GURPS and a couple others. If you're looking for something cool with a simple lay-out and lots (LOTS) of content packed into just under 200 pages, you can't go wrong with this. Good review of it HERE.

Speaking of gaming, things are going nicely with my character creation in GURPS 4th Edition.

I'm tired. So tired. I'll be back... I hope!

Robofishaxe wielders unite!

First, your Orcusville fix: No One Likes a 3rd Edition.

Yes, it's much like chain-axing fish in a barrel. I'm glad you noticed.

Next, watch Morrowind be beat in 7.5 minutes.

A true video great for the ages, friends.
Ja, tis real.

Good article. Scientology PWND. Thanks, Roy.

And why am I linking to these guys? You'll see. You'll see.

Moving right along.


(Click to see the pretty even bigger!)

Fantasy Flight Games have done it again. They've made a boardgame that inflicts me with THE WANT so, so bad, I can taste my teeth in my own ass. It's crazy, this WANT. What is it? DUST. Think a game like Axis & Allies, except for the fact that in 1938 an alien spaceship crashed in the Arctic/Antarctic (they can't seem to make up their minds) and provided humankind with super-tech and a new energy source. So, yeah, it's basically Robotech set in WW2. But I don't care how much of this shit is borrowed from other sources-- I really, REALLY want this game. WANT.

Alrighty, now go about your business, then. Go on.
Bananas Aren&#39;t Scary

Posty McPosterpants

Right, I haven't posted since Saturday. I've been busy. It's SDCC week, and even though I'm not going, it's crunch time on my end for a few things anyway.

Looks like I will be doing something for a website that I want to do. I discovered rather abruptly that consistently blogging and staying focused on that really isn't for me, especially since I have to log in and do it myself etc. Not that I'm complaining-- I'm just that scatterbrained at times and if a bunch of stuff comes up, decent blogging (as opposed to the crapola I post here) is something of a problem. But sending in whatever I want every 2 weeks? I think I can do that. So expect an rpg focused -something- to pop up on Comics Waiting Room in a few weeks time. I dunno what I will yap about, but I've decided I would at least talk about some gamer-friendly comics each installment.

Then we have Orcusville. That's right, the daily webcomic you should be reading every freaking DAY. Let's do some links in that regard, shall we?

The Vale of Lost Fools. Yup, the REH Conan puns continue. What else is new? How about some severed heads? Yer welcome.
The Shadow of the Procyonid. It just wouldn't be fun unless we referenced one of the Greatest RPGs ever made once in a while. mercuryeric   should weep tears of blood and frustration over this one. ;)
Tuesday Night Laymur Fight. Hey, gotta give some of that Cyberpunk love once in a while. And tomorrow you will get the Cyberpunk HATE.

Alrighty, let's do some linkage...

First, go here and watch Spoony's videos. He has a review of D&D 4th Edition (which pretty much sums up how I feel), a brilliant review of Yor: Hunter From the Future, and then there's a review of the Alone in the Dark (PC) game. That one is worth watching for the sheer brutal honesty.

The music project Testube is back!! "Who?", you may ask. Only a super awesome electro band from the more recent days of yore. Oh, just check it out yourself and download the new (and free) EP HERE.

FALLOUT 3 IN GAME FOOTAGE!!!!!!!! HU-zzam! Screw those haters. It looks magnifiawesomeSQUEEEEEE!!!!1111

A couple people have mentioned Paizo's free Alpha Playtest Release of Pathfinder. It's worth your attention, so check it oot.

Here, meet Gary Phillips, excellent writer and downright great fellow:

High Rollers is really damn good, especially if you enjoy crime / gang fiction. Last year, in San Diego, I got to hang out with Gary for a couple hours, shooting the shit. He was a blast to talk to. I hope I have the chance again one day.

Holy crap, the new Red Sonja (#35) is amazingly fresh! I highly recommend this... Looks like it's one hell of a sorta-reboot!

Enjoy reading? I sure do. So treat yourself to Cowboys & Barbarians, a made-of-total-win story written and posted chapter by chapter by the gifted Jens Altmann. I mean, seriously, Jens writes some good shit. Well, it's not shit. It's good shit. You know what I mean!!

Phaistos Disc Declared as Fake by Scholar. This one courtesy of mnelson  , if memory serves. Incredible, if true-- but not surprising.

And from winneganfake  , we have this: Les Miserables: the game of the book. Yes, kids-- Les Miserables as a fighting game. It has been suggested we use this in Orcusville somewhere... MUAHAHAHAHAHA

For those of you wary about the upcoming Batman: The Dark Knight, I now have it on MANY a good authority that it's "an Oscar worthy film" (seriously, at least a dozen people who've seen it at press screenings have said this). I simply cannot wait to see this masterpiece in action.

Yes, he matters. SALVUS steams along and I am eager to show you lot just what it is Josh, Leo, Vero and I have been working on. And we now have an editor. Hooray!

That's it for now. Good night and good fucking luck.
Uller Uprising

Yet another day hinged on REH puns!

First, Orcusville: The Hour of the Laymur.

Yeah, I'm quite proud at how this strip turned out. black_happy did a great job on Laymur, didn't he? Tomorrow I can guarantee more carnage, and Monday's comic is to be titled The Shadow of the Procyonid, starring a new creation by ryan_speck. It's already done and looks good... though it could use more eye-lasers, maybe.

Currently, I am managing to read The Medieval Scene: An Informal Introduction to the Middle Ages by G.G. Coulton. Though I need no introduction to the Medieval period, and even consider myself somewhat of an expert on the subject, I still enjoy books like this. Originally published in 1930, The Medieval Scene gives us a nice, brief. 163 page look at what it was like to live back then. Years ago, I consumed all the knowledge possible from Coulton's The Medieval Village, a 603 page tome of mega-awesome. And though this book is small, it's a great read and I recommend anyone who has an interest in the Middle Ages, whether a passing fancy or dedicated hardcore knowledge, shouldn't pass this goody up.

In what little spare time I get between comic work, the boys, sleeping and pouring the 14th century into my head, I play a videogame here and there. I'm still loving Eschalon: Book 1. It's charmingly and addictively old school. As for Dungeon Runners, I plan to get back to it... but let's face the techno-ebm music here: the game is repetitive as hell and you end up doing a lot of the same stuff and then end up doing stuff that repeats the stuff you did before and it seems like there might be some repetition. Doesn't mean it sucks, though. I just got caught up with Eschalon.

And now, I have some things to do. You know, things. And stuff.