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Get Your Ass to ORCUSVILLE

Strange things are afoot at the O-ville. A friend of Lord Orcus has been doing a guest-arc, and so far it has been pretty damned funny.

See for yourselves:

That's the latest, above; here are the other two in order:

Be sure to click on those images to see them in all of their daemonic glory.

Lemur pr0n with Vis

The Postening

Howdy folks. Now for some goddamned links and other things about me you may of may not give 2.5689 craps about.

Let's start with some Orcusville. You know, I'm really proud of this webcomic, and I'm honoured to have some awesome individuals on board with me. I know some of you are reading it (regularly, even!), so howza aboot linking to it or something?

The latest strips are an arc involving Vis taking off to Lemuria to be with his Lemurian girlfriend, starting with Lemurs of Lemuria part 1. Then, in Lemurs of Lemuria part 2, an interesting reveal is made. Maybe you saw it coming. Lemurs of Lemuria part 3 deals with new character Elf (and his, um, mouthkick? Drat) giving us some sage wisdom, including "whatever floats his trireme" and "love is a blind Carthiginian hooker". He also talks about people-hats. Today we have Lemurs of Lemuria part 4. It stars Vic and Velia. What's with all these "V" names? There's like three characters with "V" names! Anyway, yeah, Vic makes a grim realisation. And yeah, for the 2 or 3 of you paying attention, this all ties into Josh's epic Love arc.

John Kovalic of Dork Tower fame put up a blank word-bubble comic on his LJ a few days ago. It refers the death of Bozo the Clown ( :*( ). I took a shot at it. I think my version (as seen below) is pretty funny. A couple others are kind of amusing too, but my biased ass feels I had a good one. There's a Jesse Helms "fill-in the word strip", as well. But I neglected it, sadly.

I may have stopped reading Punisher War Journal, but Matt Fraction is still a pretty damned talented guy. Check out what he says here about Bush's speech in Monticello. Apparently Bush did some editing of what Jefferson originally said... "AT THE MAN'S HOME".
I am happy Matt Fraction exists. I really am. :)

Some news (kinda) on Bioware's long-awaited Dragon Age. I cannot wait 'till this game comes out. Bioware needs to make more rpgs. I sure wish they had been the ones behind NWN2.

Speaking of videogames, I've been playing Dungeon Runners a little. As I've said before, I love it. Mmmm... hack, slash, hack, KILL. Whoever plays or starts playing should let me know, yo. Let's group. (psssst... it's free to play!)

Barackthefuckup Hussein Osama's Terrorist Fist Jab of Islamic Justice* in Mortal Kombat form? YES PLZ.


(*said for Reason d'Funnay. Please don't unleash the Coulterhounds on me!)

It was bound to happen (again). A social network for Role-players! RPGBOMB.COM
Get some. And add me or something.

I'm still pissed Gamer's Rant on the Movies was dropped from Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine. Life is so unfair. Well, at least there's a few more to go before it's gone.

The Fam and I spent this last weekend breaking me. Lots of cool pictures were taken and my gut shrinks even more. The local Strawberry Festival really needs, like, strawberries. Funny story: There was a firetruck there (1969 model) and we were asked if our kids wanted to be the first of the day to ride in it. Vance was all over that and Drake wanted to stay and look at the cool pelts and other animal taxidermia. This is strange, because Drake is the one obsessed with firetrucks and Vance is the animal freak. Weird. Regardless, we all had a lot of fun. It really is remarkably beautiful here. We live in the best place ever.

Earlier today I realised that I am much better off than someone I feel betrayed me and treated me like shit in the past, and even told me at one point I would amount to nothing. And you know what? I actually didn't feel happy about it. I wanted to help them. The irony being they helped me long ago. Considering what had transpired between us, and me knowing what I know, I decided not to contact them and offer. I guess that's the bitter part of me. But I am pretty surprised I didn't laugh heartily and say "Good. Motherfucker should suffer some more."

Correction: Very surprised. Maybe I'm getting soft in my old age.

Sharon and her dad were looking for a good family comedy to watch the other night and they brought back In Bruges. Now, it's a family film like Jacob's Ladder is a kid's cartoon, but we all really enjoyed it. Especially me and The Shron. Be warned, this is a dark, depressing comedy. But it's pure gold. I love it. And did Colin Farrell remind anyone else of a young, better-acting- de Niro?

Whew. I'm tired. I have lots of other things I'd like to talk about, but I have no time to at the moment. Really quick on the comics-front I will say that Starship Troopers #9 rocks; Project Superpowers is still kicking tail; and The Man With No Name:The Good, the Bad and the Uglier is actually getting interesting! North Wind will be available as a trade really soon, and you shouldn't miss it. It's one hell of a tale. Oh, and High Rollers #1 and Station #1 are must-buys. Get to it.

I'd love to do a post going over what I've been reading lately. Hope I can get to it soon. And Lord Orcus is due for some more reviews, too.

See you lot later.
Reduce - Reuse - REANIMATE

Lest I forget...

New Orcusville! Orcus loves dead things. Come see for yourself in Chivalry & Necromancy!

And now for some other things.

- Are you like me... someone who loved the old King's Quest games? Well, if so, some wonderful people upgraded KQ I and II for our enjoyment. Find them here. They're fun games for anyone looking for classic adventure!

- I'd be lying if I said the title for today's Orcusville wasn't inspired directly by Chivalry & Sorcery, one of the best RPGs ever.

- Someone should do a game set in prison called Shivelry & Buggery.

- You need to read this new Zuda comic, Red Ice!! Here's the synopsis:

"Roland Allegro is the quintessential working-class Martian colonist--he digs, lifts, and hauls. What he really wants is to go back home to Earth, where his archeology degree is worth something, winters end, and everything is blue. But when an excavation of the first Martian colony uncovers a deadly, three hundred year old conspiracy, his hope for escape finds new life. With the help Terra, a nomadic member of the marginalized Dusters, Roland wants to blackmail the government with his new-found knowledge to get back to Earth. Terra, however, wants to use the information to help her caravan survive. Despite their conflicting goals, they try to work together the best they can while struggling to survive a full-bore alien invasion! Face to face with sinister aliens, a rogue government, and an ally with conflicted loyalties, Roland must find a way to use his new knowledge to escape the red planet. Martian history may be based on a lie, but no lie is worth dying for...

...though it may be worth enough to get him off the planet."

Basically, if you like classic pulp sci-fi and / or old 2000 AD stuff, you should love this. Also, it looks wonderful in full-screen mode.


- JCVD? The movie? Are you wondering what it is? Here's a preview:

Is it good? According to this review, it's brilliant. I look forward to watching it. Van Damme!!!

- The Tudors ended on a high note! Great death scene of Anne Boleyn (not overly accurate, of course-- but they got the headsman stuff right!). I can't wait for season 3 in 2009. If this show doesn't win a dumptruck full of awards it will be a crying shame.

Das ist eet for now. Later taters! :)
Judge Dredd

Three Things

Two rad. One WTF.

1. New Orcusville! Petty Foggery. I kinda went crazy with the refs in this one. See if you can spot them all. Don't forget to click on those two VOTE buttons you see. It's a really EASY way you can help us out. Did I mention EASY? and FAST??

2. This strip doth slay me:

SCP = Great stuff.

3. It must be Pick on Five-year-olds Month. Check out this fucked up story from ABC. "Ignorant. Pathetic. Self-absorbed." A teacher said this. To a someone who's 5. AND she said worse. Can you believe that???? I was abused in daycare as a kid, so this story rings personally with me (like the last one). Bitch was caught on tape, though. Smart parents (and kid) for the fucking WIN. In my perfect world, we would beat that last teacher I mentioned with this teacher until they turned into Richard Nixon. Then we would set the resulting Nixonganism on fire.


(Thanks to midianmtd for the heads up on this story!)

Okay, some more good news to make us all feel better:

Big congrats to my buddy Christian Beranek and his pals on the deal with Disney!! That's pretty awesome. And no, the oddity of a Zappa working with Disney is not lost on me-- but this is all a good thing folks. Plus, Ahmet is really cool.
BPRD Lobster Johnson

Dump of Links

Here are some neat things.

Neat, I say. Or interesting.

- The Tudors has been a great series. I love it a lot. Historical innaccuracies inaccuracies be damned! It's not outright laughable like 300 or historically retarded (and insulting) like Braveheart. However, I have a gripe. My gripe is they are "cramming". By this I mean they are shoving 4 eps worth of stuff into 2. Other than that, The Tudors is made of Win, and I even enjoy it more than BSG. I'm hoping for a third season.

- Jean Claude van Damme has went the My Name is Bruce route, it would seem:

You know, I like what I see. I'll have to check this out.

- Jardinans 2??? Sign me up! Goddamn gnomes MUST be stopped.

- Here's a great webcomic for you to read: UNSPEAKABLE VAULT (Of Doom). And a taste of the mind-blasting, soul-shattering fun:

- I'm a big fan of the Dungeon Crawl Classics line of products, and though I feel these might be pricey, I dig the minis Goodman Games have. I do believe there's an Otyugh with my name on it!

- Oh, alright. Here's another Unspeakable Vault strip that cracked me up:

- There's really a lot of other things and stuffs I should be doin'. Such as writing up an Orcusville strip! Doh! And don't forget to vote with those votey buttons on the Orcusville front page. There are two now. Voting means traffic, so by voting you help us out. Thanks!

Done for now. See you guys again soon, I'm sure.

Birthday and MOAR Warhammer Goodness

Firstly and mostly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my good buddy black_happy!!11one

It's been an honour knowing you for so damned long. And hey, we prove that two people with differing spiritual viewpoints can get along ("He's an atheist and he's Catholic... WHO WILL STAB WHO FIRST!?!?! Stay tuned!").

Ryan has also been helpful with a few things concerning Orcusville (icons, some p-shop tweaking, support), and we're all better people for it! :)


In other news, I came across a Warhammer webcomic (geared toward the upcoming MMO and MMOs in general sometimes) that is almost always pretty funny, if not bolter-in-the-face freaking hilarious. Here are a couple samples:

(Click on image to read "Chaos Divided".)

(Click image to read "Build Muscle Fast!")

Indeed, The Secret Lives of Mobs is damn funny. And it looks good, too! Rory should be one of those folks working on the new Warhammer comics...


The new Orcusville should be up a little later. Instead of assaulting you with more LOLwolf (I know-- you're sad), Lord Orcus and Vis will be lying laying out an advanced review of Warhammer: Condemned By Fire #1. The Greenskin already has its review of the issue up... No, I can tell you with certainty Orcusville's take won't be as detailed. By the way, that's his first comic book review. Personally, I'm incredibly impressed. Nice work, Snafzg! You should do more!

That's all for now. See you lot soon.