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Judge Dredd

Another post already?

Yes. But this is for the noblest cause of ALL-- Orcusville!

Zombies, too! Just see In the Gore Den of Eatin' for yourself:

Just click on the snip... right above these very words!

Yes, Lord Orcus loves AFMBE. Vic is really, really smitten with Unhallowed Metropolis. But that probably doesn't come as a surprise.

Thank you for your support. :D

Oh, and I suppose this goes without saying: orcusville_feed
Metalocalypse Rockin Like Dokken

It's Just Another Metal Monday

METAL is a serious subject in Orcusville, as you no doubt know. Today is like any other Monday. If Mondays were all about METAL, that is.

Who am I kidding?? Every day is all about METAL!!!!

Anyhow, here's today's strip. Just click on the snip below. It's easy. You can do eet:

Also, I really enjoy this banner, ryan_speck:

Click on the banner to be taken to a place where you can fight ninjas read some sample bits. Seriously, The Big Rusty Lie is a great book and you folks who like reading absurdist noir detective fiction are missing one hell of a hard-boiled, gnome-ridden time.

Did you think you'd get through a post without seeing me beg ask you to add orcusville_feed? Children in Andorra will thank you with wreaths of tacos.

Finally, do you need some zombie tools? I mean, do you need implements of zombie ass-kicking? Then go to this site. AS IF YOUR VERY STILL-BRAINS-HAVING BEING DEPENDS ON IT.

Cuz it does.
Judge Dredd

The Punishment Due

That zombie blogging thing was awesome. I don't care if anyone says otherwise. No tacos for them, dammit. And no bacon, either.

I only got two posts in, but I was busy. Getting my weed-whacker back was quite an effort.

A new Comics With Steve is up, if you would like to read it. I'm sure I'll pimp it tomorrow sometime, but I wanted to get the word out as I have to get up at 5.30 AM to get ready for a REALLY early appointment with my dentist. Illustrated tomes covered this time around are Spawn: Godslayer, Punisher MAX, City of Others, Starship Troopers: Damaged Justice, World War Hulk, Warhammer 40,000: Damnation Crusade, 2000 AD, Sub-Mariner, Fear Agent: The Last Goodbye, and Ward of the State.

I really enjoy reading lots of comics. I also enjoy babbling about them, even if it's in short bursts.
Reduce - Reuse - REANIMATE


People around here always want to celebrate the 4th of July sooner than, well, the 4th. There's someone setting of very loud firecrackers near my neighbourhood. To add to the annoying madness, it seems like there's a domestic disturbance not that far away... I thought it might some kids shrieking about their World of Warcraft characters (as the little bastards are wont to do), but it sounds like a woman. Anyhow, I tried to call it in (you know, just to be on the safe side), but 911 is "busy". That's not surprising as it's happened before. Our tax money at work, I tell you.

And what's with everyone being sick? First people say they feel ill and then they don't have the decency to go online and keep me entertained. Jerks.

Huh. As I'm typing this, Vance and Drake are waving at a group of people wandering down the street. Looks like they're hammered... at this time of day?


I don't think those are drunks.
Judge Dredd


Only 2 players might have showed, but tonight's game was still a pretty good kick in the pants.

A fortnight from now and it should be pretty awesome as there should be more people. Right? RIGHT?!

But yeah... All Flesh Must Be Eaten is a fun, simple system for rpg play, but it is a bit frustrating when rules questions come up. Combat resolution is unnecessarily complicated and many rules are just missing or incomplete. Not that it's a big deal, as I thrive at GMing (or "ZMing", as they case may be) off the cuff. However, tighter rules wouldn't have been that hard to come up with. And that's my only complaint about AFMBE... Most of the books are 75% "fluff" it seems. There's some great background stuff, though I could care less about having numerous short stories included (even if they're pretty good). 

In case you are wondering, we're playing a Dungeons & Zombies (fantasy D&D-like world) based scenario, where I've set it up to be that the player-characters are survivors after a town-wide zombie outbreak. The town was hosting a multi-national peace conference and the PCs started by needing to get out of the grand hall (that they'd barricaded themselves into during this initial onslaught of zeds) in order to get water and food. I'm using a lot of things I've made up myself or have radically twisted from sources like Deadworld (and even Venture Brothers). So far, it's working well. As a matter of fact, I got a couple of "I'm getting the hell out of there!"s, so that's pretty damned awesome.

Good times. :)
Judge Dredd


Hey, any of you people out there zombie fans?
Thought so!

I highly, highly, highly recommend Deadworld. Issue #6 should be out or out soon. Some of the best stuff I've read in the genre.
Here's a Wikipedia entry for some simple info and click on this to go to the homepage.

What do I think of issue #5? Well, here's my review over at Silver Bullet Comics.

I still feel The Walking Dead is better overall, but just barely. Deadworld has a different feel, different zombies and though it's about survival like The Walking Dead, it has a different kind of survivors.

At some point in the next day or so, I really need to get that Deadworld: Dead Killer TPB review done... hehehe.
Judge Dredd

Happy Halloween, people!

And for Halloween, I give you more from my playing around with that motvational poster maker thingy.

Though, the picture-link leads to something REALLY cool...

I really don't think zombies are played out.  I just saw that picture and thought that line would be perfect for it.
Judge Dredd

Mmmmmm... Undead.

I've been getting the hankering to run an All Flesh Must Be Eaten game or few in the future.

Question is: Should I go with fantasy Renaissance-era deadworld or 19th century zombie fare?

I like the idea of 19th century type stuff... on the other hand, the Dungeons and Zombies book is just begging to be used.

Then, at some point, I'm gonna pick me up Fistful of Zombies. Bring a whole new meaning to the name "Deadwood"... hehehe.

Oh, and I reviewed Dracula vs Capone #1 for Silver Bullet Comics. I accidentally sent the editor the pre-revised version... ooops. Maybe he'll let me fix it. Still reads okay. I think.